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National Funding

Small businesses make up a large part of a country’s economy. Small businesses are essential for the smooth running of a society and the economy in general. Many times, businesses running on a small scale are overlooked by the big financial institutions as they lack the necessary documentation, collateral and sometimes the know-how to get the loans or finances from financial institutions.

National Funding is the answer to such a dilemma. If you are a small business owner, this is the right platform for you as not only does National Funding provide loans for the business to meet their working capital or expansion requirements but also provide leasing and financing opportunities if they want to purchase some equipment.

  • National Funding provides fast and easy as well as personalized options for your lending requirements.
  • There is no obligation for collateral or a down payment when you apply. There is no need for a middleman, and that is why the way National Funding process your loans are entirely
  • Small business loans may range from $5,000 to $500,000.
  • The equipment financing options range up to $150,000

About National Funding

It is a business loan company and provides the leasing of equipment, aimed at the small businesses offering them with a range of financial services. The company is in operation since 1999 and has worked with hundreds of communities and industries and has helped them to upgrade and to expand. It is one of the country’s largest private lenders or small business loans.

They have a wide range of business loan products, so you do not have to go anywhere else for all your financing needs. You can meet your working capital requirements, merchant cash advances, credit card processing and equipment leasing as well.

Not only are they pioneers in what they do and keep on upgrading their services and their products, but they also have a team of specialized loan experts who are always there to listen to the customers and structure a personalized solution for their individual needs. Moreover, National Funding is also part of the community in such a way that they sponsor San Diego Padres and USC Trojans.

Whom Do They Serve?

National Funding has excellent experience with catering to the needs of small businesses since 1999. From that time onwards till today, they have funded over $1.5 billion to more than 25,000 businesses across the country. The best part is that they can tailor your loans as per your industry requirements and to meet the needs of the business.

The loans are available for all sorts of business, across all possible sectors and industries. Below are examples to list a few:

  • Agriculture Business Loans
  • Beauty & Wellness Business Loans
  • Chiropractic Business Loans
  • Construction & Contractor Loans
  • Dental Practice Loans
  • Medical Business Loans
  • Restaurant Business Loans
  • Retail Business Loans
  • Trucking Business Loans

Since National Funding also finances equipment for you, it provides flexible loan terms and gives you the cash in hand to meet your other ongoing expenses. Moreover, you can get financing for specific industries like:

  • Automotive Repair Shops
  • Commercial Trucks & Trailers
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Computer Equipment
  • Construction & Contractor Equipment
  • Dental Equipment
  • Farm Equipment
  • Fleet Vehicles
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Heavy Construction Equipment
  • Landscaping Equipment
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Office Equipment
  • Printers & Printing Equipment
  • Servers & IT Equipment
  • Restaurant Equipment

Furthermore, loans related to “special interests” are also available for businesses that are

  • Minority-Owned
  • Veteran-Owned
  • Women-Owned

Types of Funding Solutions

At National Funding, they approve almost 60% of all loans for small businesses, so it is the best place in case you need cash right away, for whatever reason.

The types of Loans that they offer are:

  • Bad Credit Loans
  • Bridge Loans
  • Business Capital Loans
  • Commercial Business Loans
  • Corporate Loans
  • Short-Term Business Loans
  • Working Capital Loans
  • Unsecured Loans

Not only are National Funding great at providing all sorts of loans but are also very quick at disbursing them. They move fast and process each application without any delay so that you can get your financing within seven (7) working days or even as soon as 24 hours while tradition lenders may take at least 30 days for any process.

Another great feature of this lending system is that there is no need for a middleman and it eliminates the investment bank or the private equity firm or the broker and provides you the financing without any hassle.

The types of lending that they offer may be:

  • Alternative Lending
  • Bad Credit
  • Direct Business Lending
  • Merchant Cash Advance

Loans & Financing

1.   Small business loans

A significant feature of National Funding is their generous support to the small businesses which are often overlooked by the big banks and lenders. Not only do they offer them generous terms, but the loan process is also quite simple, and the funding is pretty fast so that small business owner can even have access to working capital and be able to meet their day to day expenses.

There are varieties of uses that a small business can use the loan for.

·        Expand their business

They might want to grow their business but might not have the necessary funds for it. National funding will provide them with the cash they need for inventory, marketing, for payroll and other reoccurring expense.

·        Pay bills

By meeting the cash flow requirements for day to day expense, the small businesses can be able to pay their bills on time.

·        Upgrade their Equipment

National funding helps the small businesses like no other, by lending to them or helping them purchase equipment which will help to expand their business or upgrade their existing equipment or machinery.

Benefits of Lending from National Funding

A straightforward and easy process is required for the small business owners to obtain or to apply for a business loan from the national funding.

  • It is only required for the business to provide one-page application along with a three months business bank statement.
  • National Funding is one of the largest lenders in the country for small loans.
  • They cater to almost all different industries.

How to Qualify for a Business Loan

For the small business to be able to apply for a loan, specific criteria should be met.

  1. The client should have been in business for at least 1
  2. The business should have at least $100,000 gross sales annually.
  3. A latest, three months bank statement of the business is required.

Equipment Financing and Leasing

Another great feature that National Funding is that it provides business owners the ability to finance equipment. Many businesses are unable to grow due to lack of options of their equipment or machinery which may be outdated or unavailable. Now even small businesses have the opportunity to acquire the latest equipment to expand or further improve their business capabilities.

The Uses of Equipment financing

  • You can get equipment financing for up to $150,000 through which you can lease new or pre-owned (used equipment) business machinery or equipment.
  • You can improve the efficiency of your business by investing in better capital and machinery without having to spend your capital.
  • There are entirely no restrictions from what kind of equipment you can lease.

Benefits of National Funding

  • You can now use your hard earned cash for other uses and this way you can preserve your cash.
  • You can save money on your taxes with the special tax deduction for equipment acquisition under IRS 179.
  • There are plenty of flexible payment options that you may choose from, which can be seasonal or quarterly and even the possibility of “skip payments” are available!

The Qualifications for Equipment Financing and Leasing

  1. You need to be in the business for at least six
  2. You should have a FICO score of 620 and above.
  3. All you need to do is send a quote from your vendor, and National funding will take it forward!

Merchant Cash Advance

This is an excellent feature for those businesses which accept credit cards on their sales. Nowadays, it is extremely important to digitalize your transactions, and hence you have to accept credit cards as a payment option, but it naturally creates a delay in your getting your hands on hard cash fast. This is where the Merchant Cash Advance option from National Funding comes in. It will help you get cash from sales you have not even made yet. It offers flexible financing on the terms of the customer.

There are various features of this cash advance program besides convenience for the customers. They are:

  • Customers can get up to $250,000
  • They can obtain same day approvals
  • Customers can have access to cash in less than 24 hours
  • There is no need for any collateral
  • The payments are automated
  • There are no fixed payments
  • There is no upfront cost or any hidden fees

How to Qualify for Cash Advance

If you have been in business for at least one year, you easily qualify for the cash advance. Your credit card transactions need to be over $3,000. You would be required to fill in an application form. Four months of credit card statements would be required. Approvals can done on the same day, and cash may be disbursed within 24 hours!

Paying Back

Paying back is also not very difficult. There is no need for any sort of checks to write or invoices to make. All you would need to do is give a small percentage of the business credit card sales to National Funding every time they batched. The percentage withhold would always remain the same, whether your revenue is skyrocketing or dipping low. In case you want to pay back faster, there is no penalty, and you can quickly do that as well.

Partner Services

There are partner services also available with National Funding. Not only do they provide loans and financing to small businesses but also team up with partners to bridge the gap between the supply and the demand. So whether it is a vendor selling equipment or it is a broker or a merchant or even an independent sales organization, their sales depend upon the customers’ ability to come up with working capital.

This is where the National Funding comes in. National Funding provides their customers with the financing to buy from the vendors, all with a commission. By providing the services of National Funding, you can increase your revenues and earn extra cash. It is a win-win situation for all!

There are Various Benefits for You When You Partner Up With National Funding

  • You can have approvals up to $300,000
  • Commercial as well as Bridge loans available up to $500,000
  • Docusign application option speeds up the process where the customer can sign electronically
  • Customers get the financing while brokers get the revenue
  • Concurrent loans are also available
  • Early pay off discounts are also available

Broker Services Program

Brokers and independent sales organizations can take help from National Funding to develop profitable and sustainable businesses with bigger deals and high commissions and faster funding for customers.

In order to help the broker get lending options, National Funding has developed a program which caters, mainly, for this cause. It has many benefits such as:

  • It provides loans up to $500,000
  • There are early pay off discounts
  • No need for site inspection
  • No need for landlord calls for deals that are less than $300,000
  • To make the process faster, DocuSign can be used which for signing documents electronically
  • There is a dedicated renewal team to handle entire process for additional funding

Through this program, National Funding will help you bring in more customers and keep the current ones to return again and again. National Funding is the best option as your lending partner as they make quick decisions, rapid financing and personalized customer services that will keep your customers satisfied.

Vendor Programs

Many times vendors have some serious buyers and customers who want to purchase the equipment but have no sources that would lend to them. National Funding, however, provides a solution for such a problem by providing a Vendor Advantage Program to finance your customer’s equipment needs.

It offers a lease option that covers almost all kinds of equipment which may be in the field of automotive or construction. There is an equipment lease option that is useful for almost all situations business owners encounter. Not only that, as your customers get the equipment financing they need, you will also get rewarded for it.

You, being the vendor can get cash for referring customer financing for National Funding

  1. You can earn $500 for the first referral funded
  2. Get $250 for every funded referral second time onwards

The process of getting your customer financing from National Funding is quite simple. Each vendor has its own assigned Relationship Manager to whom the vendor will give the equipment quote to get the answer while the customer just needs to fill out a financing application. There is a custom and co-branded page for customers so that they can easily apply for financing with a link from the vendor’s website. Moreover, a downloadable PDF equipment lease application is available online.

Why National Funding Should Be Your First Choice:

  • National Funding offers personalized financial options, which can be customized as per your requirements.
  • You can have loan disbursement in around 24 hours.
  • There is no lengthy documentation or paperwork needed.
  • It is a one-stop shop for all your financial requirements, from working capital to equipment leasing.
  • The installment plans are easy to follow and can be customized as per your liking.
  • The best rates that you will find as a small business owner that you will not get with a traditional

Since National Funding is catering to small businesses, their scope and their services that they offer are extremely personalized, and the business owners, who might intimidate by the big banks or lenders have a comfort level with the associates at National Funding.

This is also a great option if you are working as a broker to get some additional commission and provide services to your customers by giving them this lending option.

Customers who have been using the services of National Funding have had a great experience and gave positive feedback.

Overall, if you are a small business owner and looking for ways to get your hands on some cash for business purposes, National Funding is your answer!