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Many a time small businesses are unable to grow or to expand and even if they are profitable they eventually die out due to lack of funds. It is the case with most economies these days where the main focus remains on the big corporations which generate the most profit and the small companies are overlooked. Many times, however small business owners are also hesitant in approaching the traditional financial lenders and make do themselves with their own cash and savings. QuickBridge, as the name suggests, acts as a bridge for the small business owners to provide them the needed cash that they need and are unable to get it for themselves.

About QuickBridge

Quickbridge is an online portal which caters to lending to small businesses which are unable to procure loans and other credit facilities from big banks and other financial institutions due to their extreme due diligence and long paper work. Most of the times, majority of the small businesses are not even eligible for lending option for such banks and after months of waiting, their loan applications is finally declined. Disappointed, the only way left for generating funds for such businesses is then by either selling off their personal assets or by taking loans from friends or family. This is where QuickBridge comes in. They fill the gap that is left by the traditional lenders and the need for finances for small business owners.

QuickBridge is not very new and has been around for some time now. It started off in the year 2011 when it was founded and disbursed their first loan the very same year. By the year 2013, QuickBridge reached their first $100 million by lending working capital to small businesses. Moreover, they are quite big on their values and they like to incorporate them in all of their business practices. Their values that they hold are:

They are Authentic.

They believe it is very important to live by their values that make them real and it is pretty easy to spot something or someone who is not genuine.


They believe in total and complete honesty and transparency in everything they do and all of their business practices since they do not have anything to hide.

Award winning people

They take pride in their workforce and hire innovators who do hard work to find the best solutions for the customers. it is no surprise that they have been awarded the “Big Innovation Award” and also the “ELFA Operations and Technology Excellence” award as well.


The whole team at QuickBridge is made up of people who are experts in their field and know their jobs well and thus, provide the most sound financial information and advice to the customers.


One of their other values that they believe in is being ethical and treating the customers with the same level of honesty as well as respect as they do with their own team. Giving them all the facts and the figures and being on the same page all relates to being ethical.


Working together as a team is also very important. If there is a discord amongst the team members or if they disagree with each other’s it would adversely affect the whole business and also the environment. That is why; QuickBridge is also keen on understanding their team and staff members and committed to their growth and success, which in turn will positively impact the success of the company.

At Quickbridge, they believe they are a team of people who care. They are not just interested in making money or profit out of giving loans, yes, that is the main factor but the company itself is highly involved in making sure the small businesses are able to get the loans which they require.

Quickbridge has a team of experts who not only gives out the loans but also provides valuable financial information to the business as some of them have no idea about how to manage their finances. Thus, the relationship just does not end at disbursing the loan but is actually quite personal and on one on one basis.

Furthermore, QuickBridge is really big on doing charity work as well. They usually partner with OC United by adopting families during the holiday season in order to provide them with the essentials and to give them special gifts to make their day special. Items they give out also including clothing, personal care things and even beds.

Why choose QuickBridge for your business

QuickBridge designs loans especially for business requirements in order to meet their needs. There is a relationship that exists between the lender and the borrower and QuickBridge is proud to state that over 84% of their clients are repeat businesses who come to them again for more credit enhancements or taking another loan as they see a drastic improvement in their business by working with them. Most of the customers are comfortable working with QuickBridge due to their personalized service and various features like:


Smarter Funding by QuickBridge is being used for thousands of businesses all across the country and is trusted by those business owners.


The terms of the lending are clear, easy to understand and also predictable. There should be no surprises later on.

Mutual benefits

They truly believe that there should be a mutual benefit, the borrower and the lender should both benefit from a lending transaction.

Award winning software

Smart Funding by QuickBridge is achieved and helped by having great software that is award winning in use. It helps to keep the data of all their clients and their personal information safe and secure and keeps the privacy updated with its robust security and data protection features.


Their overall process including their systems are quite fast and quick as they are aware of the fact that it is extremely important to be quick and agile in today’s world of technological advancement.

Personalized service

QuickBridge is great in getting to know and understanding their clients and so are able to offer them a personalized service and discuss their financial position and advice them accordingly.

QuickBridge is also known to be one of the quickest and the most efficient lenders in the market to provide funds quickly. Since it has an online presence where the borrower can apply online any time of the day, it saves the overall process time and helps to move fast.

Moreover, QuickBridge is highly efficient as they:

  • Make quick decisions.
  • Keep a simple process from applying to disbursing the loan.
  • Provide flexible lending options up to $300k.

Why choose Smarter Funding for your business

Smarter Funding was created since there was a lack of lending options for the small businesses which needed personalized services and honest, yet professional financial help and assistance. QuickBridge has to date, given 17,000 plus loans, have more than 9,000 customers and have given more than $450 million in loans successfully. Furthermore, majority of the customers come back for more financing and so, they have become their loyal customers and have a special relationship with them.

Benefits the business

Having the option and the opportunity to getting some extra funds always helps a business. There might have been a task which may have been pending for a long time due to lack of funds, can finally be completed now, thanks to Smarter Funding. This way, both the lender and the borrower benefit.

Perfect Timings

The best part about Smarter Funding is that it is easy to procure, it is simple to apply for and they are very quick in all their process and extremely fast in disbursing the loan – majority of the times, in less than 48 hours! This way, the work which you have taken a loan for is not pushed back from the deadline and a financial emergency can be catered for.

Award winning service

In order to skim through all the applications of the loans and to evaluate each and every one of them takes time and at Smarter Funding by QuickBridge time is not a luxury as they operate on short deadlines, thus they operate with award winning software to get them the best processes and information.

Guided by values

At QuickBridge, the overall staff and the whole company swears by their values of honesty and integrity. They believe in honoring their pacts and their promises and hoping it would have trickledown effect. They want to change the general culture of not doing what they say and want to be honest with their clients so that they can have an honest relationship with them.

Build a relationship

QuickBridge believes in building relationships and not just one off transactions. That is why they are very keen on going out of their way for the customers and making sure all their needs are met. They believe it will get them more business and make the customers loyal to them.


At Smarter Funding by Quickbridge they understand the importance of grasping the opportunities, lest they go by. The same way, they understand that a business also has to act fast or else they will lose an important project, task or deal. QuickBridge provides the business with the resources so that the business can take full advantage whenever they can.

Lending to different sectors

QuickBridge is the right answer if you are looking for smarter funding for your business, no matter which industry you belong to. With easy credit terms and easy ways of getting hold of cash, QuickBridge can help you to meet your cash flow needs as and when you require it. QuickBridge serves to almost all sectors, including the following:


There is always some unpredictability when it comes to running your business and QuickBridge is aware of such unexpected events and that is why they are quick to provide with the much needed capital to this industry in the form of loans to address project needs or even to take advantage of new and emerging opportunities, QuickBridge understand the dynamics of this industry and the need to move fast and thus provide quick loans to the construction businesses.

Business Services

All types of businesses have the sudden cash flow needs if, for example suddenly you require additional people or even resources it puts a strain on a budgeted cash flow. QuickBridge is there to help out in such circumstances by bridging the gap and providing short term financing quickly and easily.

Insurance sector

QuickBridge also provides to the insurance sector. Businesses in this sector can face unexpected cash outflows in the form of premiums, commissions and other expenses and QuickBridge smart funding can help out in such times with their short term lending options.


This sector is also covered by QuickBridge to provide the much needed financing. This sector also requires a lot of tools, work and sometimes specialized resources to deliver projects and the cash flows do not come in until the project is complete. QuickBridge provides the necessary lending options at easy and quick terms.

Wholesale trade

The availability of short term financing by QuickBridge helps the businesses in this sector to take advantage of the opportunities in the form of bulk buying or selling your inventory at the right place and at the right time. QuickBridge offers flexible short term loans when the cash flow of the business is short.

Health Services

This sector is also catered for by QuickBridge lending solutions. Just like other sectors and industries the businesses in the health care sector are sometimes short of meeting their day to day cash requirements and QuickBridge can help them sort their cash flows out easily.


This is one of the most dynamic industries they cater to. This sector is mostly in need of tools, specialized equipment and other assets which are not very easy to finance. QuickBridge offer easy and quick business loans to the businesses in this sector in order to bridge the gap between their deliverable and receivables.

Real Estate

This is also one of the sectors where the receivables take a long time to come into effect and cash flows are unpredictable, thus in order to meet the daily cash requirements, this is one of the sectors which uses the services of QuickBridge quite often.


There are many ways the transportation business requires daily cash flow needs and other costs that need to be managed which creates a burden on the cash flows. QuickBridge offers easy terms working capital to businesses in this sector.

Other sectors

QuickBridge offers loans and easy credit facilities to businesses in other sectors also. It is not confined to the sectors mentioned above, but any business which meets their requirements can easily take up a loan or a credit facility from them.

Most of the clients are business related of course but the purposes vary. The business might want to:

  • Purchase additional equipment
  • Use the money for sales and marketing
  • Train existing employees or hire new ones
  • Payroll purposes
  • Renovation of the premises
  • Moving to another location
  • Expanding the business
  • Buying supplies
  • During times of slow seasons of sale
  • Unforeseen expenses

Customer Reviews

Most clients that have had dealt with QuickBridge are satisfied. They have a healthy relationship with them and it is definitely not a one-time transaction that they make, instead majority of the customers are repeat customers and have been with them since years. They have recommended QuickBridge to others as well and are satisfied with their performance. Most of them claim that they have used them mostly because their credit was declined by the banks or they did not have anyone to borrow from, etc. Most of these owners do not even have the proper knowledge of financials and QuickBridge not only provides them with the needed credit facility but also helps them and assists them with their financial and working capital decisions.


Overall, QuickBridge is an ideal solution for those businesses that are having financial difficulties or need short term financing quickly. Their whole process of procuring the loan is quite simple and easy and their loan disbursement is pretty fast – just in time for the business to meet their unexpected financial crunches. It may also be used as a back up cash when the business is aware that a cash short fall is coming up. Also, this form of lending is ideal for those small businesses which are overlooked by the mainstream financial institutions and the small businesses are not eligible for their lending. The small business owners can now get hold of short term loans, buy equipment and supplies and grab the deals without worrying about the cash. They no longer have to worry about making day to day payments as they have a back up cash ready in hand.

Thus, this is a great option and a useful lender which is quite reliable and trustworthy.