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FAQ on leases, loans and cash advance

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Applying for a business loan is fast, easy, and confidential. Since we’re a full suite small business funding solution provider, we’re able to capture all your needs under one roof.

We generalize the word ‘Business Loan’ to mean many things such as Equipment Finance, Equipment Lease, Trucks Financing, SBA Loans, Term-Loan, Short-term Loan, Merchant Working Capital Advance, & Invoice Factoring. Each approval will determine the appropriate product with its own agreements based on the type of funding products, lenders alternative or not.

  1. Verify your email to activate your private and secure online account.

    Once email’s verified, in just a few minutes, you can complete your online application.
  2. Finish the online application.

    To wrap up your application, you’ll need to submit a few things. You’ll provide business banking statements upload, DL and other few things to verify your business. You may also be asked to submit some business tax returns and other documents.
  3. Confirm your information.

    Upon confirmation of your completed application you will be prompted to complete Docusign to give us the authorization to submit your company and personal information for funding approval. Once you wrap those us, we'll use our marketplace to look for funding for your alternative business loan, and then you'll be on your way to growing your business!
  4. Hold tight while we review your application.

    You can visit your account any time to check on your business loan’s progress.
  5. Get your cash.

    If your information is verified and your loan is funded, the money is typically sent to your bank account in just 2–4 business days.

For a majority of people in 2018, funds were received in as few as four days. The time it takes for your loan to be funded may vary.

*Checking your rate generates a soft credit inquiry, which is visible only to you. A hard credit inquiry that may affect your credit score only appears when you loan is issued.

For a majority of the time, approval can take no more than 48hrs for unsecured types of funding. However, once approved, funds were received in as little as four days, but the time it takes for your loan to be funded may vary depending on the loan program.

Once you submit your application, we'll try to confirm the information you've shared on our own. Sometimes you may need to submit a few things to confirm your identity, business revenue and corporate structure. 

The faster you wrap up your To-Do List, the quicker we can finalize your application!

Once your loan is finalized and backed by investors, the money is deposited into your bank account.

To keep things moving, make sure to finish the items on your To-Do List. You may be asked to submit documents that help confirm your identity, business revenue or company ownership.

Have your To-Do List ready!

Depending on the loan program from basic application to full financial package must be provided as supplemental information during your application process.

Typically, the higher the funding amount the more financial documentation needed to complete any form of funding from any private lenders, non-bank lenders, traditional bank lenders or alternative lenders.

Alternative working capital or unsecured term loans less than $250,000 may apply without financials – just 36 months bank statements.

Here are the things you should start preparing if you want to go traditional business loan.

  1. Business and Personal Application
  2. Recent 2 years of Business Tax Returns
  3. Two Years Personal Tax Returns
  4. Personal Financial Statement dated no older than 6 months
  5. Year-to-date (YTD) Balance Sheet & P&L Sheet
  6. Business Debt Schedule
  7. 3 Months Banks Statements, most recent
  8. Two Years Personal Tax Returns
For equipment Leasing:
You will need invoice, quote or purchase order from any vendor of your choice.

Liberty Capital will provide funding for all your equipment purchases new or used. We may be able to lump all your purchases no matter how many vendors into one monthly payment. Depending on new or used terms will vary based on credit and business profile risks. We can do start up for equipment leasing without revenue verification up to $75,000.

For Invoice Factoring:
You will need to provide your current invoice or aging summary report to show your current account receivables.

Liberty Capital will provide funding for all your invoices as long as not past due. We may be able to lump all your invoices no matter how many vendors into one factor line of credit. Depending on risk profile terms will vary based on credit and business profile risks of the vendor.

No, applying for a loan through Liberty Capital won’t affect your credit score. It generates a soft credit inquiry to provide insight into your creditworthiness before we match you loan application with the right lender in a targeted way so we already have preselected your profile to the right funding source to avoid time consuming applying for loan with lenders who doesn’t fit your profile.

This is visible only to you, not to creditors or others who see your credit report. If you receive a business loan through alternative lenders, a hard inquiry may appear stating who the lender is. UCC filing will be filed on your business once a loan is consummated, then a hard credit inquiry that may affect your credit score will appear on your credit report.

Keep in mind that new loans are factored in your credit score. Over time, they can help you improve your credit by showing you can make on-time payments you will build individual lender’s credit history within that particular lender.

If we’re unable to offer you access to a business loan, your credit score will not be impacted. You’ll be able to see the soft credit inquiries, but these won’t be visible to creditors or other users of your credit report.

We offer a wide variety of business funding programs including conventional business loans, SBA loans, commercial real estate loans, equipment & machinery financing, lines of credit, asset based financing, and low-credit financing.

No. Bank Drafts/Automatic Deductions and Processing are your options for payback methods. We do review your credit card statements simply to determine business cash flow and approval amount. Business funding, whether you accept credit card as a form of payment or not, is available for everyone.

Some programs allow you to prepay your loan, lease, or cash advance at any time without penalty fees incurred but, we can’t guarantee that interest charges will be foregone. Each contract will contain a specific payoff and early repayment clause, but there is no penalty for paying early.

Flexible repayment for seasonal businesses is available and sometimes ideal when payment is made in conjunction with your sales volume to avoid cashflow strains during a slow season. We have options to accommodate repayment for seasonal businesses.

Monthly, weekly, or daily. Repayments vary by program. Daily repayments free up your cash flow. Underwriters have designed affordable payment deductions to lessen the impact on cash flow. Payments collected in this format have less cash flow burden compare to once a month payment. Although, you have one monthly payment that payment is broken into business days, and automatically deducted from your bank account.

Varies by program. There are some programs that require no additional collateral. Lenders have the right to file UCC-1 filing.

We are flexible and will work with you to accommodate your needs if you work with us. Give us a call and we will make sure that your questions are answered.

Most small business owners would love not to borrow and hoard cash. But, unfortunately, in reality that doesn’t happen for the majority of small business owners. Most are surviving on limited cash flow. Some are still bleeding cash hoping things will turn around soon.

Some have seen the light again, but most of the time its still difficult for small business owners. Business are still closing, companies still downsizing but not in masses anymore. Other businesses have no choice to be lean to be able to get through this trough.

A perspective from the lender can open a shed on how small business borrowing really should be and why holding cash is the key.

One reason to hold cash is to show to your banker that you don’t need to borrow. But you borrow anyway because you can. When you wait to borrow when your bank account is low is when you are not going to get approved.

Many small businesses still haven’t learned that line of credit is not a term loan and term loan isn’t a line of credit. Blurry to many small business owners, they want a line of credit but yet they max it out and when its time to access funding their line of credit is maxed out. They should learn to use the right form of financing for their business.

In part, the rise of alternative funding is here. We are here to fill the gap. Many small businesses have gone out of business for lack of operating capital. This alternative to lending isn’t the normal way of processing small business working capital. There are more alternatives now than ever before for small business owners including factoring, purchase order financing, and any other future sales purchases.

You may think you’re getting the best deal working direct, however, one thing they don’t tell you is that they also have inside sales who makes commission or lives off incentives.

You’ll learn that it’s not about the product or lack of knowledge but the company you work with. Liberty Capital is a lender and broker. Not all lenders are brokers. So if they turn you down you’re out of luck and back to square one.

The most popular form of business funding is office equipment leasing, commercial funding and truck leasing. Leasing office equipment is the best way to save cash. Why pay for depreciating assets. Make monthly payments. Make your business pay for it. Whether you are cash-flowing or not, you must not utilize your cash for some fixed asset, unless, you have no other choice.

Factoring is the other form of alternative financing. Factoring uses your future invoices. You can leverage your future cash-flow. You are able to access your capital today for a discount rate.

Now, the newest is merchant cash advance. Merchant cash advance is similar to factoring but in addition to future invoices, credit card sales are also used for a discount rate as well. Both are advance of your future revenue. To qualify for these two factoring products, you must have future income to be able to repay.

Majority of your advice will come from family members, CPAs, Attorneys and consultants; however, most of them have no clue on what and how it takes to get approved.

Not only that the process is time prohibitive, it also requires big down payment, collateral and involve providing unborn children future income to secure any form of Guaranteed type of loans.

Do you have a business plan, projections and cash flow readily available? Most businesses don’t have business plans let alone projections. Only about 10% of businesses run on a business plan.

Closest to a Grant is an SBA but both are hard to get. There is no such thing as Free money. Don’t forget SBA only guarantee 50-85% on most guaranteed loans so banks still have the risk, without your skin in the game banks will not be willing to provide cheap loans.

You only have limited options if you fall into one or more of these:

These are INSTANT disqualification to national banks, but might not be for community banks however without down payment, collateral or other secured assets it will be auto-declined.

  • Previous or open bankruptcy
  • Unpaid tax liens
  • Open Tax Liens
  • Unfiled Federal Taxes over 3 yrs
  • Open or unpaid judgments
  • Previous foreclosures
  • Previous repossession
  • Maxed out Credit Cards
  • Missed payments over 30+ days
  • More than 1 Negative Days (NSF’s) a month
  • Felony or Criminal Background
  • Illegal Industries
  • Unverifiable Income from personal or business
  • Property Tax Liens
  • Previously defaulted on loans, SBA, leases or cash advances
  • Personal bankruptcy within the last 7 years


Don’t get scammed by Dun & Bradstreet specially if you’re a start up! It’s a self-reporting agency. All starts up will be based on personal credit and you can’t attempt to establish Dun & Bradstreet in exchange of bad credit. There is no replacement for bad credit except for collateral, down payment and even then it’s still not guaranteed you’ll get what you’re looking for.

Have all your docs in a row to get the lowest possible rates. Interest is a cost of doing business. It’s risk reward for both you and the lender. Most business owners only think about themselves but forget to think about the guy who’s taking the risk. The risk that you could be out of business any day and stop paying any loans. Economic down turn will cause stop payments.

There is no such thing as cheap money if you have bad credit and no collateral. If you want the lowest rate give up your equity.