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If you operate a small business, many a times you feel the need to expand your business or require items for inventory or sometimes you just simply want to upgrade your premises or your equipment but do not have the required funds. This is usually the case with most small businesses today and many die out even though seem to be successful and have quite a lot of potential. Such small businesses lack the necessary paperwork and details that are required by traditional lenders in order to grant a loan. Even if they do: sometimes the small businesses are intimidated by big banks since there is no concept of personalized service.

This leads us to the online lender, IOU Financials that we have reviewed for the benefit of small business owners. Now small businesses have the option of running their business smoothly and expanding it without any bottlenecks as easy loan amounts can now be available to them through IOU Financials.

IOU Financials helps small businesses have easy access to business loans and acquire working capital quickly and on easy terms! Since they are experts in their field, they find out the details of your business and then help to educate you to make the right type of business loan decisions. Their methods are quite transparent from start to finish and provide all sorts of information to the borrower upfront so there are no surprises. If you have a healthy running business, cash flow shouldn’t be slowing you down when you have options like IOU Financials which allows you to take control of your business and let it grow, expand and flourish without cash flow slowing it down!

Applying for a loan is also quite simple, easy and hassle free and most of all, it does not affect your credit score.

Customers can apply online and complete a very simple application. Not only that, IOU Financial are available on the phone on their dedicated line just to speak to potential borrowers and solve any concerns that they may have. If you do fall in the criteria of being able to receive a loan, they will let you know at once and when all the formalities are done, you will have your loan amount within 48 hours!

In order to qualify for the loan, a few basic requirements are there such as:

  • You should be in own ownership and operating a business and your total ownership in your business should be at least 80%.
  • The business should be running since at least 1 year.
  • You should be able to generate through your business, at least 10 or more deposits in your business bank account per month.
  • You should be making annual revenue of at least $100,000 and an average ending balance of at least $3,000 daily that should be in your business bank account.

Moreover, IOU Financial are equipped with dealing with businesses across different industries to:

  • Purchase inventory
  • Update their equipment
  • Invest in marketing
  • Hire employees
  • Update the look and feel
  • Improve technology
  • Expand products and services
  • Open new locations

Categories of Businesses that can Benefit from IOU Financial

Auto Body Shops

If you are an auto body shop or a car repair shop owner and looking for some extra cash, then this is the right place for you. You may want to upgrade your working station or purchase some better tools for your repair work or simple just expand your business. IOU Financials will help you to meet these cash flow needs.

If you are running a restaurant, chances are that you need to be constantly upgrading your products and service to meet the ever rising challenges of the food industry. Well, not only does IOU Financials provide their potential customers with the required cash flows but they also help them provide the business knowledge to increase their working capital. IOU Financials gives a loan up to $300,000 to such businesses.

Medical Professionals

Medical practitioners like doctors or dentists who run their own clinic may often require some sort of finance to meet their cash requirements or to grow their practice. IOU Financials can help them secure a loan up to $300,000 within 24 hours with a simple payback plan.

Plumbers & Electricians

Sometimes this profession is quite sidelined but IOU Financials understand their needs and requirements and are ready to disburse up to $300,000 in loans to such businesses within just 24 hours. They can easily talk to the loan consultants who can guide the business owners how they can be eligible to apply for a loan, how the pay back will work out, etc.

Specialty Retail

IOU not only provides this segment with the required loan but also provides and guides with the needed business and working capital tips which the owners can really benefit from. The business owners can simple focus on their business while IOU financials, with their expert team takes cares of the cash flow needs.

Nail & Hair Salons

This is yet another type of business that may not be considered very serious for business lenders to give loans to. At IOU Financials, however, all businesses are important and they understand the needs and requirements of such businesses as they might need to buy more equipment, invest in some updated stock or simple hire more people. IOU Financials can give up to $300,000 in loan amount which the business can pay back in easy installments.

Find a loan that works for you

There are some great features in IOU Financials. Not only do they offer personalized loan services but are also geared to provide the needed advice and assistance to small businesses.

  • They have flexible funding that is between $5,000-$300,000 this lets you pick an amount that you require along with the term of the loan that works for you, between 6,9,12,15 or even 18 months!
  • If you need additional funding and more than $300,000 you can be eligible for that provided you have paid at least 40% of your outstanding loan.
  • There is absolutely no penalty in case you want to pay up early either the installment or the whole lump sum. All you pay is the interest on the loan.
  • You do not have to worry about making payments or saving up for them. Daily or weekly payments are simply debited from your business bank account.
  • You can instantly qualify and the team at IOU Financials will let you know the details instantly! They really don’t waste any time!

How most businesses are utilizing the loans


  • Majority of the businesses have used to purchase equipment, around 47% of the businesses.
  • 18% of most businesses have used the services of IOU Financials to expand their business.
  • Some businesses, around 16% of them, have used the loan to meet their temporary cash flow downfalls.
  • 14% of businesses have used IOU Financials in order to build or to purchase their inventory.
  • While around, 5% business have used their cash flows for other miscellaneous purposes.

About IOU Financial

IOU Financials a well known online lender that easily and conveniently provides loans up to $300,000 in the form of working capital for small businesses. The best part about this lender is that firstly, it lends to small businesses which are often overlooked and not paid attention to by mainstream financial institutions. Moreover, many business owners are also hesitant to go to the big lenders and end up borrowing from their friends or family in order to meet their business expenses or requirements. Many a times, they are unable to grow or to expand and many healthy businesses have been abandoned due to the unavailability of loans or cash flows. Thus, IOU Financials understand the needs of such kind and provide the needed cash to such a venture. They not only provide the cash but also the needed financial support, advice and assistance to the business owners to manage their cash flows.

Another great aspect of IOU Financial is that they are able to provide the loans in relatively no time. Being an online lender, you can simple apply for a loan if you feel you meet the pre qualifications listed on their website and if you do qualify according to their standards, then you will have your loan within 24-48hours! It just does not get simpler than that!

IOU Financial focuses on all types of customers within a wide range of industries. They have a team of experts who can guide the business owners and help them meet their business requirements and come up with an easy pay back plan that can be mutually beneficial.

IOU Financial has been in business for some time now and has been lending to businesses since the year 2008 and has given around $396.8 million in loans. They have their headquarters in Montreal, Canada and they have their North American operations in Atlanta, Georgia. Furthermore, IOU Financial is publicly traded company at the Canadian Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol of IOU (TSX-V:IOU).

Moreover, the lending activities of IOU Financial are subject to Federal, State and local regulation. It is a licensed company and adheres to all laws and regulations related to lending.

Expert Advice

IOU Financials have a team of experts at your disposal and are highly dedicated to ensure all customers are receiving the best services from the start of the process till the finish, that is till the final loan re payment.

Business savings and partners

IOU Financials can help your business grow by helping you provide the best possible customer services and by helping you align with some of their partners in your business.

Evo Payments International

It guarantees to meet and beat the current rates of processing that you pay for payments.

Restaurant Link

This is for the restaurant owners and this helps to cut down on the costs of book keeping, supplies and equipment procurement, payroll or inventory or food procurement as well as for brand development.

Why choose IOU Financials over others?


  • It provides fast cash funding within 24-48 hours.
  • It gives value to cash flow as much as to credit.
  • It has the least amount of paperwork required.
  • There is an option of fast track 24 hours referral process.
  • It builds up business credit.
  • Better business bureau rating of A plus.
  • Easy to pay installment plans.
  • Fast cash available.
  • Least amount of pre qualifications for the loan.
  • Ability to top up the loan once 40% has been paid.
  • It lends all across the sectors.
  • Online lender, available at all times.

Their edge over other financial lenders

IOU Financials are experts in their field and know what they are doing. Although there is variety of lenders in the industry, IOU Financials have a league of their own and once a customer starts a business with them, they develop a relationship of mutual trust, respect as well as loyalty and then there is simply no going to others for business requirements. In order to make their business different, IOU have special features that gives them an edge over their competition.

They are fast

Since this is an online business, there is no concept of time restrictions and a business might just be browsing at 2 am in the morning and decide to apply for a loan. As all the details are available on the website, the business will have a fair idea whether they prequalify or not. Moreover, there are experts available on phone calls to further help the business to tackle their working capital requirements. Once they have applied online they can get the loan within 24-48 hours!

They are responsible

They are quite responsible in what they do. They do not just lend you the money but also provide you the tips on how to tackle with working capital issues. Moreover, their services are personalized, as it should be for a small business. They give business owners the option to choose their loan amount along with tenure that they are most comfortable with.

They are trustworthy

They have been around in business for quite some time now and most business trust them with their financials. Furthermore, their company is publicly traded at the Canadian Stock Exchange and abides by all laws and regulations related to lending and are a regulated company. There are thousands of businesses that have benefitted from their services and more continue to do so every single day.

They are consistent

Once you have entered into a business relationship with them, they are quite consistent with their work and the way they manage. You do not have to worry about making or managing to pay or save up for the loan installments as they are automatically deducted from your business bank account as decided from before.

Customer Testimonials

Most customers of IOU Financials have been full of praises for them. They have catered to all types and all sizes of businesses and have provided them with the needed cash flow when required. Companies like Trinity Staffing commented that IOU Financials were great not just in lending but they were not pushy or persuasive. That means, IOU Financials gives you the offer and let you decided whether you want to take it or not! Moreover, other businesses like, CBA Consultants have also said positive things about them, especially appreciating the fact that they were able to disburse the loan amount in no time. According to them, the whole process was simple, quick and easy!

Another restaurant owner compared them to the traditional lending systems like banks which took around six months just to tell them that they did not qualify. IOU Financials however not only processed their request quickly but also provided the desired funds fast and quick. The whole purpose of the company is catering to small businesses which are overlooked by the big lenders and to meet their cash requirements quickly and as fast as possible and they really stand for this by the given customer testimonials!


To conclude, IOU Financials is the answer for small businesses looking to meet their daily cash flow requirements or to make small investments in updated machinery, equipments or to refurbish their premises. Moreover, once they develop a relationship with IOU Financials, they can easily procure more loans and a loan amount greater than $300,000 as well. The small business owners no longer have to wait for months just to hear that their request has been rejected by the traditional lenders or big banks. Having IOU Financials means now they have also run their business without having to face day to day cash flow problems and with their expert assistance, they can even solve their working capital problems and finally grow as a business!