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The Patriotism of Entrepreneurship

  Over the past few years, the economy has been challenging. Americans have in one way or another felt the impact of the economic recession. As Nick Friedman from the Huffington Post puts it, “It is likewise our collective duty, as we continue down the road to recovery, to help

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Celebrating National Small Business Week

National Small Business Week gives us a time to recognize and celebrate the American Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur spirit that our country is known for. Since our country’s inception, our economy has been build on mom-and-pop shops and start-up entrepreneurs.   Currently, the country’s 28 million small businesses create

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2014 Tax Tips for Small Businesses

The IRS opened its doors to tax season on January 31st and began processing tax returns and issuing refunds. This means, tax season is in full swing, whether you’re a business owner or an individual, you’ll need to begin filing your tax return within the next 2 months.   Although there are

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