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Low-rate hangover!!

What is prime rate? The prime rate is the interest rate that banks charge their most creditworthy customers for loans. It is typically set at a level that is above the federal funds rate, which is the interest rate at which banks lend money to each other overnight. The prime

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Small Business Lending: Personal Guarantees and UCC Filings

Starting and managing a successful small business is incredibly difficult. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), almost one-half of new companies fail during their first five years of operation. Unsurprisingly, entrepreneurs require exceptional levels of tenacity, optimism, and faith—the ability to see beyond what is to what can be [...]



PPP loans – When the Time Comes to Pay the Piper

During the dark days of Covid restrictions and the drop in small business revenues, the Federal Government, like the Calvary in old Western movies, rode to the rescue. At the prodding of Congress, the Small Business Administration eagerly offered cash to all businesses who needed it (and some who did [...]



Financing a Small Business

Financing a Small Business When Financing a Small Business entrepreneurs starting new businesses and existing business owners quickly learn that maintaining sufficient capital is the most crucial element of success. Having a great idea, working long hours, or a surefire group of anxious customers doesn't matter if an owner can't [...]



Borrowers cant always get what they want

Borrowers cant always get what they want Borrowers cant always get what they want: In 1968 before a live audience in London, Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones band sang about a hard truth in life. Most people discover in early childhood that what we get is often different than [...]



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Last Chance to Recover ERC Tax Credit

Last Chance to Recover ERC Tax Credit ERC Tax Credit: The first case of Covid-19 emerged near Seattle, Washington, on January 19, 2020. By the end of March, State and local governments had declared a state of emergency that included stay-at-home orders and closures of schools, daycares, bars, restaurants, and [...]



The Impact of Proposed Disclosure Requirements for Small Business Loans

The Impact of Proposed Disclosure Requirements for Small Business Loans  Financing options for small businesses will likely decline in 2023 due to the expected passage of new disclosure requirements by Federal and State authorities.  In 2021, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) proposed rules to expand consumer-like loan requirements to [...]



Arrange Financing Before You Need It

Arrange Financing Before You Need It Be sure to arrange financing before you need it! The Covid pandemic and subsequent distancing laws surprised business owners, especially small- and medium-sized companies with little financial reserves. The Wall Street Journal reported that more than 600,000 businesses closed in 2020. Many of the others [...]



Merchant Cash Advances

Merchant Cash Advances – a Small Business Lifeline Small business owners quickly learn the importance of cash flow to a business. The realization that the money needed to make the next month’s operating expenses is tied-up in accounts receivable – cash you’re owed but haven’t collected – is sobering. The

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Alternative Business Loans or Merchant Cash Advance

Why choose Alternative Business Loans or Merchant Cash Advance? In essence, despite Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) having known for having a higher rate than Alternative Business Loans, both somewhat have similar rates. They tend to differ in the kind of transaction, the risk lenders are ready to offer, and the

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