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Should I use credit card to cover expenses?

First of all, most businesses think credit card is cheaper than business loans. Most of the time that isn't the case - check credit card rates. Even if you have good credit it’s hard to get single digit rates on business credit cards or personal credit cards. Most people like the features of credit [...]



Broker vs. Direct Lender

Everyone dreams of owning their own business, but operating a small-scale business without working capital can create serious issues. Borrowing is an essential tool used by thousands of small businesses to survive and thrive. According to SBA over 80% of small business borrow capital one or another for their business. [...]



February 20 , 2017 | Posted by kazaa |

Machinery Leasing

Those of you who are successful in your business might find that growth is a reality that you should face. Your business is only going to be as successful as it is large. Small shops small clients. Often people are put in the all too familiar place of being able

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