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The Bank of Ozarks

About The Bank of Ozarks

When it comes to providing personalized services and tailored financial products to suit the needs and the requirements of an individual or a small business, then The Bank of Ozarks is the ideal solution for that.

They have been around for more than a hundred years and have gradually evolved and grown to become one of the leading and the best bank when it comes to offering a wide variety of financial products and solutions as well as personalized services to their clients. Owned by Mr. George Gleason, who share a personal attachment as well as a commitment to this bank offers a great array of services to their clients and take pride in being the best bank for a customer, rather than being the biggest bank.

The Bank of Ozark is a complete one stop banking and financial solution for the whole family. They offer all types of financial products to individuals as well as for businesses, be it big or small. With their diverse range of financial products, there is something for everyone. They have checking accounts to credit cards as well as lending products for personal as well as for business uses.

Banking services for the whole family

The Bank of Ozark has banking and financial services geared for the whole family. Once you are a customer, all your financial needs can be sorted out with The Bank of Ozark. Whether you need wealth management, a saving plan for your retirement or your child’s college fund, they have it all. They have a large variety of financial products that are for the personal use of an individual. They are as follows:

Personal Checking

The Bank of Ozark has a wide range of checking account to meet an individual unique needs and requirements. A person can choose which ever account seems the most feasible to them. Most of the features of every checking account at The Bank of Ozark include the following:

  • It has unlimited check writing
  • It gives the users a debit card facility
  • There are options for online banking
  • There is toll free telephone banking available for customers
  • E-statements are provided to customers periodically
  • There are options for bill payments online
  • Users can also get online image statements

Personal Savings

If a person is looking to save a bit of money as well then The Bank of Ozark has a variety of options in saving accounts as well. The savings includes variety of options such as money market accounts; current deposits as well as interest bearing and non interest bearing   accounts are available as well. Majority of the saving accounts have the following features at The Bank of Ozark.

  • The user is provided monthly or quarterly account statements depending on the bank account
  • They have the option for online banking
  • There is an option for mobile banking
  • The ATM card is free of cost
  • The user can get automatic deposits and transfer facilities from checking account

Credit Cards

The Bank of Ozark also offers a variety of credit cards to the users for the convenience. They have a lot of benefits and features in order to meet the financial needs of the users effectively. The users can also use their credit cards online with the option of online banking to:

  • In order to activate their credit card
  • To make payments
  • For transferring funds or balance
  • To request for increase in their credit limits
  • For viewing their credit card statements

Prepaid Cards

The Bank of Ozark has another great financial product that is especially useful for the shoppers. It is the prepaid cards where the bank offers three different types of VISA bank cards to make spending much easier. The card is loaded or reloaded with a certain amount of balance or credit, which can be any amount between $20 and $3,000. The card can be loaded in the branch or through Ingo Money App or even through a direct deposit. Moreover other features of this product are:

  • You can use it to get cash from the ATM
  • There is FDIC Insurance with the registered card
  • There is option of lost and stolen card protection
  • The purchase fee is just $5
  • The reload fee is $3
  • You can get text alerts
  • Users can instantly issue card through the branch

Personal Loans

When it comes to financing or taking a personal loan for yourself or your family, no matter what the purpose is, The Bank of Ozark has got you covered. They have made the whole process of acquiring a loan simple and easy and now you can easily take that long awaited vacation or renovate your house with a personal loan from The Bank of Ozark! The types of loans available are:

  • Home equity lines of credit
  • Personal lines of credit
  • Auto-loans
  • ATV or Recreational vehicle
  • Watercraft or motorcycle


At The Bank of Ozark there are options for mortgages as well. With the experience of the top performing banks they can come up with the best mortgage plan for the customer in order to provide them solutions for home financing easily.

Now anybody can be a homeowner! They have a wide variety of mortgages products available which can be personalized to suit the needs of the users. They have mortgages products such as jumbo loans, refinancing as well as government insured loans.

Conventional, VA, FHA as well as RD Mortgages for the secondary market

This has the following features:

  • There is an availability for long term with a fixed rate for mortgage
  • Depending on the type of loan product chosen there can be options for flexible down payment
  • If the down payment is smaller then there should be private mortgage insurance that should be provided

Freedom Advantage

  • The criteria for underwriting is more flexible than the secondary market lending
  • Grants and down payment assistance is available
  • No need for private insurance
  • The availability depends upon the borrower’s income as well as the location of the property

Ozark Adjustable Rate Mortgage

  • These have a fixed interest rate with a per annum interest rate adjustment that is based on prime rate index including a margin
  • The rates of interest are higher than the secondary market
  • The requirements for down payment is generally higher than the secondary market requirements
  • There is no private mortgage insurance

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)

These are the best option for saving for the future. No matter how old or how young you are, it is never to late or too early to save for a rainy day. This account helps you to put aside some funds to help you out in the future. You may take this for yourself or your family or even for your employees. There are various types of accounts available in this category such as:

  • The traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • IRA for education
  • IRA for SEP
  • Rollover Individual retirement plan
  • Inherited individual retirement plan

Wealth Management

There are also options for wealth management by The Bank of Ozark. When they have all the options from checking accounts to savings and credit card to house financing, why should an individual take their wealth management needs elsewhere. With a team of experts, The Bank of Ozark provides the users with options for wealth management as well.

Banking services for the business

The Bank of Ozark takes great pride in being able to serve their customers in all aspect of their financial needs. Not only do they cater to their personal financial requirements but also provide financial solutions for their business as well.

The Bank of Ozark hires bankers who are well versed in their capabilities yet like to focus on training them to provide personalized services to their clients since this is what the bank stands for. There is no impersonalized or transactional way of banking when it comes to The Bank of Ozark but they make sure that there is a long term relationship being developed between the bank and their customers, rather than just a transaction taking place. They take care of the customer’s business like their own and thus provide the following financial solutions for their business needs.

Business Checking Accounts

From the very basic to the more technical, The Bank of Ozark has a variety of checking accounts for business purposes to suit the needs and the requirements that a particular business may have. A customer can choose along with the advice of the financial expert from the bank the most suited checking account for their business. Most of the business checking accounts have the following features:

  • Remote deposit capture
  • Debit card facilities
  • Online banking free of charge
  • Mobile banking free of charge
  • Bill payment option online
  • Merchant processing
  • Options for eStatements
  • Check image statements

Business Saving Accounts

When there can be personal saving accounts why can’t there be business saving accounts. A business needs to work with savings just as much as an individual does. There are three different options for saving accounts for a business and they can choose which ever one that works the best for them, suiting their unique needs and their requirements. There are options for money market as well as for commercial saving accounts which help a business to grow their savings. Like the checking account, most of the saving accounts have similar features such as:

  • Online banking free of charge
  • Mobile banking free of charge
  • ATM Card
  • Treasury management services
  • Options to receive eStatements
  • Check image statements

Treasury Management

The Bank of Ozark has unique financial solutions in order to meet the needs and the requirements of your business. They are there to help a business to manage their working capital and their day to day cash flow and their operations. They also have a range of treasury services which is designed to increase the productivity of a business as well as their performance. In the realm of treasury management they have:

Payable Solutions

These include: Wire transfers, Payroll direct deposit, Cash disbursements, commercial credit cards and vendor payments.

Receivable Solutions

The faster a business is able to receive its funds, the more quickly they are able to use it for investment or paying expense or other purposes. These solutions include: Express deposits, lockbox, and merchant card services and cash concentration.

Funds Management

This helps to manage the overall working capital daily. This includes: Investment sweeps, zero balance accounts and credit line sweeps.

Fraud and Risk Control: This is to safeguard the account and protect against fraud. These include: Password Authentication, positive pay, multi level security and security token integration.

Information reporting

This includes all the compiled information of the customers from different sources that is merged in the bank’s financial reporting system to generate a report which is transmitted to treasury management every single day.

Credit Cards – VISA Business

The Bank of Ozark also offers credit cards especially for your business purposes so you can manage both your personal and professional transactions separately. The credit cards offer the following features:

  • Free online access for managing the credit cards that is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The customers can easily use the credit card and view their transactions, their history, make payments or set up alerts, as and when they want, whether they are at home or travelling!
  • Free reports by the management are available if the customer requests them. They help the clients to keep a track on their expenses, the tax deductions, and forecast expenses and to monitor their expenses quite easily.
  • It allows a better cash flow management with greater flexibility and allows the customers to cover the cost of their equipment or supplies and other items.

Moreover having online access to their credit cards gives the users added benefits of:

  • To view the transaction history of the employees (who have been give the business credit cards)
  • To make payments as and when it is convenient for the users
  • They can request for additional credit cards
  • They can view their statements

Commercial Loans

The Bank of Ozark also provides commercial loans to businesses both big and small on easy terms and conditions without too much hassle. When all the needs and the requirements are met by The Bank of Ozark then why should they not provide a basic commercial loan to the business?

The business may want to grow or expand or there can be many reasons why they would require a business loan and The Bank of Ozark is ready to help them achieve their dreams by providing them the required financial assistance and developing a plan which the customers can easily pay back on simple terms. The kinds of loans offered by The Bank of Ozark are for:

  • Financing of equipment
  • Inventory or Accounts Receivable Financing
  • Financing for commercial real estate
  • Loans for construction
  • Lines of credit and working capital
  • Agricultural loans

SBA Loans

The Bank of Ozark also provides SBA loans with over thirty years of experience. They offer easy terms and conditions and hassle free financing opportunities. The loan amount can be anything from $30,000 to $10,000,000. The use of these loans can be for the following purposes:

  • For starting up a new business venture
  • For buying equipment
  • For working capital requirements
  • For renovation of business premises
  • To expand the business
  • For new construction
  • For debt refinance

Equipment finance/leasing

All businesses need to purchase new equipment or replace their existing machinery or equipment at some point in time. This is important for any business in order to make sure of the latest technology and to grow their business. There are various benefits of using equipment financing as well as, such as:

  • New technology is available
  • Makes a business more efficient
  • Tax benefit
  • Preserve existing credit availability
  • Helps to conserve working capital

The Bank of Ozark has a team of professionals who can help and assess the business in order to provide them the right kind of leasing options from a list that is:

  • Finance and operating leases
  • Equipment leasing
  • TRAC Lease
  • Municipal Lease
  • The terms are flexible
  • They are able to service a wide range of markets

Customer Support

Whether the customers are having problems understanding a transaction or making a bill payment or simply want to know more about a particular financing option, the customer services at The Bank of Ozark are always there to help and guide the customers with whatever problem they might face. They have a team of experts who are available to help and guide the customers at all times.


The Bank of Ozark is a complete bank for the whole family. It provides all the financial solutions which an individual might need for his personal as well as for his business needs. The best feature about this bank is that it is a one stop option for all the financing requirements and the other feature that makes it stand out from the rest of the banks is that their focus on personalized service and options for customizing financial products for their customers which no other banks offer. Moreover, their approach is such that each transaction is more for developing a relationship between the bank and the customer rather than a one of transaction. Overall, this bank is a great option for everybody, be it a business or an individual for his personal use.