FinPac Leasing



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FinPac Leasing

FinPac, which stands for Financial Pacific Leasing is a subsidiary of Umpqua Bank and provides commercial equipment leasing in small tickets. They work through third parties and act as a go between the lessors and the lessee. They have been in this business for over forty years now, helping customers with financial solutions and equipment purchase when they do not have the required finances for it.

FinPac can easily service a portfolio for equipment leasing that may be from $5,000 to even $150,000. They help companies to acquire new equipment by financing it for them, be it used or new equipment.

Their company has been around since 1975 in Washington and they have expanded their services over the years so that they can become the leading name in the industry for commercial equipment financing. FinPac then joined hands with Umpqua Bank in 2013 in order to further grow and expand their business operations and diversify their lending portfolio. Moreover, having a staff of more than 150 employees who are well versed and experienced in this particular field has provided FinPac stability as well as strength which has allowed them to become one of the most trusted sources for financing in the country.

Why Lease equipment

Majority of the business owners in the USA are now switching to leasing for their equipment rather than purchasing it from the market. According to research, around 8 out of 10 businesses in the USA are using leasing services satisfactorily. Leasing an equipment helps to free up cash for the business that can be used for other business expenses for purposes and would help a business to stay competitive in the market.

Ideal choice for business owners

It is always better to lease equipment with a trusted and a reliable source rather than buying it from somewhere. Getting your required equipment on lease means you can do a lot more such as the following.

  • Getting a lease as opposed to taking a fully fledged loan to buy the equipment means you can free up your credit lines which you can use in the future for important times or for unexpected events
  • It helps to avoid using a lump sum amount of money and upfront cash for a large expenditure
  • The business can simply make payments for the lease as they use their equipment
  • It helps to improve the process of budgeting and the fixed monthly payments
  • Leasing also provides various tax benefits to a business

The Staff and the resources at Financial Pacific Leasing

Financial Pacific Leasing has become one of the leading names when it comes to leasing and providing financial assistance and help.

There are not many firms who deal specifically in the leasing business and so Financial Pacific Leasing has been successful in tapping this market, from both sides, the supplier side as well as from the customer side as well. Financial Pacific Leasing is one of the sponsor as well as the supporter of CLEP,that stands for Certified Lease & Finance Professionals foundation. This foundation is able to set proper professionalism in this industry of leasing. Financial Pacific Leasing is a leading name in leasing nationwide and so they also hire the well known names that can provide the best financial assistance to customers as well as the best and the expert ones in the field. Moreover majority of the staff at Financial Pacific Leasing is part of the certified lease and finance professional foundation which means they are experts in their fields and know what they are doing.

Moreover, this gives a reassurance that Financial Pacific Leasing is only hiring the right kind of staff who can understand various business or technical situations.

Why use financial Pacific Leasing Services

  • Financial pacific is an industry leader when it comes to commercial equipment leasing
  • They provide leasing services to all types of equipment whether they are brand new or used
  • The service that FinPac provides is extremely fast, efficient and friendly
  • They cater to all types of businesses across the industry
  • The terms and conditions that they offer are structured to fit the needs of most businesses
  • They provide a personalized service to their customers
  • They are easy going and flexible
  • FinPac is a brand name that can be trusted to provide the best services possible
  • They have a variety of other financial products available as well

Equipment for sale

Financial pacific Leasing along with their Asset management team can help business owners find the right type of equipment that they need that is off lease. There is quite a large variety of equipment types that are available and Financial Pacific Leasing can offer financing OAC for majority of the equipment that is on sale. FinPac has partnered with different vendors through which they can provide the much needed as well as the right type of equipment that is required.

For equipment vendors

Financial Pacific Leasing is a market leader when it comes to commercial equipment leasing and they act as a point between the equipment vendors and the businesses who wants to purchase the equipment. Many a times a business might not know which vendor to go to or many vendors may not even provide leasing services or any installment option, which leaves a business without their needed equipment. It helps them both by being their agent in the middle, providing financing services to the business and providing business to the equipment vendors. FinPac has more than 40 years of experience that they have put to use to achieve this and being a go between with their customers who are the buyers of the equipment and their suppliers who are the equipment vendors. As an agent in between, FinPac bridges the gap for those who want to buy equipment but have no means to purchase it and those who want to sell equipment and are looking for buyers or a steady clientele that is obviously provided by FinPac. Thus, Financial Pacific Leasing helps the equipment vendors to:

  • They provide assistance and help them to close sales
  • They add value to your product by giving an alternative of financing or leasing facilities to the customers
  • Provide easy and affordable monthly payments or the customers
  • They are able to increase the profit margins thorugh the price
  • They help to provide quality service and fast credit decisions
  • They are able to provide immediate payment as soon as the equipment is delivered

Nowadays taking up a lease to purchase machinery or equipment is better than buying the equipment up front as it not only helps the customers improve their cash flow positions but also helps the equipment vendors to close more sales deals. This is for when the option of leasing can help the equipment vendors to have a boost in their overall income as well as their sales. In a nutshell, equipment leasing options can:

  • Increase the sales revenue
  • Increase the profitability of the vendors
  • The equipment vendors are able to close more sales

The greatest advantage of providing leasing facilities is for those customers who do not have the opportunities to use cash to buy new equipment or replace existing one and have no means of financing facilities which may be due to the fact that they are a start up business or with a limited business credit history.

Why choose leasing over the regular financing

Many people wonder why they should go for the leasing option when they can very well take a bank loan to buy the needed equipment. Many others do not even know the difference between the two options either. The difference between them is not so much, as both are loans, liable to be paid back. Both the methods allow the user to make use of the equipment by making a payment that is due on a monthly basis.

The primary or the main difference lies with ownership of the equipment. When it comes to the option of leasing, the user is making a monthly payment to use the equipment and there are generally more flexible and user friendly options or structures for leasing as opposed to the standard financing. With leasing however two payments which are the installments have to be made up front in advance, this amount is much less than the amount that is charged for the regular or the standard financing. In regular financing a certain amount have to be paid for down payment, which is mostly a percentage of the cost of the equipment. Most of the times, delivery as well as the installation of the equipment are also included in the lease.

Leasing with Financial Pacific Leasing

Financial Pacific Leasing works to make sure the experience of the customers is always a positive one and makes sure that their cash flow problems are solved or minimized from taking this lease. They help to structure in such a way that it provides the maximum benefit to the users in the form of easy terms and conditions as well as providing the most tax benefits.

Moreover, they encourage and guide the customers to work around with their tax consultants in order to make the most use of the tax benefit. At Financial Pacific Leasing, the terms of the lease can vary from 24 months to even 60 months. In order to provide the most flexible terms Financial Pacific Leasing may also offer payment plans to their customers where they can include options for seasonal adjustments as well as skip payment options as well. This is to make the whole payment plan easier for the customers and help them with their cash flows. Furthermore, at the end of the lease it depends upon the structure of the lease the user may have the option to purchase the equipment or to even return it back vendors. Financial Pacific Leasing allows the customers to decide which options suits the customers the most and helps them to make the decision at the end of the lease.

Third Party Originators

Since Financial Pacific Lending has been in business for the past 40 years, they have been providing funding for Third Party Originators as a major source of finance. FinPac helps them to provide financing facilities to the small businesses that are spread across the whole nation. Financial Pacific Leasing as one of the leading leasing companies not only just provide the leasing facilities but also underwrite, fund as well as manage their own portfolio of leases as well. FinPac is able to service the Third Party Originator through the two underwriting platforms that they have.

The Small Ticket Group

The small ticket group of financial Pacific Leasing is focused on the transactions that are generally between $5,000 and $100,000. In this type of facility, they offer rapid decision time as well as a wide credit window for the applications. This in turn leads to increase in the approvals which the TPO partners can offer quickly to the customers and their vendors both. In the Small Ticket group the following features are there:

  • Credits are: A,B,C
  • Transactions between $5,000 – $100,000
  • Only applications
  • The pricing is risk based
  • There is fast turnaround time
  • For starts up it is accepted to $45,000

The Commercial Group

The Commercial Group that is part of Financial Pacific Leasing focuses on the transactions that are between $100,000 and $500,000. These are the proper type of financial transactions which are for companies that have solid credit facilities as well as for those who have cash flow coverage as well. The Financial Pacific Commercial group has the following features:

  • Only A Credits
  • The transactions are between $100,000 to $500,000
  • The pricing is competitive

Becoming a Third Party Originator

There are options on the company’s website of somebody wants to become a third party originator and apply for that on Financial Pacific Leasing Company. They can simply apply online by filling out a form and sending their details through an e-mail in order to start the process.

Customer Care

In order to take care of the customers and to provide them with everything they need along with all information and details, Financial Pacific Leasing have hired experts and experienced people who can help, guide and assist all those who want to know more about the business. Moreover, they help new and potential customers to get on board by providing them detailed information, accurate and quick services. The customers can simply e-mail their queries to the required person or even call the helpline in order to speak to somebody if it is urgent. This way they are always there to help their customers, both existing as well as new.

Insurance of Equipment

The customers may send a fax of the proof of their insurance that they have taken over their equipment to Financial Pacific Leasing on the number given on their website. The certificate that they fax should have the name of the lessee’s business, the address and the location of the equipment, a thorough and a detailed description of the equipment that needs to be purchased, the dates of the coverage should also be included as well as the contact number.

Online payments / Electronic Invoices

Financial Pacific Leasing has quite an interactive website that helps the business by being easy to use and understand and quite detailed and informative. Through the website the customer can get hold of all the details that they might need regarding the business or about Financial Pacific Leasing as well as what they should expect, etc. Moreover, they can use the online portal to make their payments, etc. Their website includes a whole list of things a customer can do on their website.

Customer Support

Financial Pacific Leasing has a team of experts to help and guide the customers and educated them regarding the benefits of leasing and help them make the most of its tax savings and the cash flow advantages. Moreover, they also help to devise the most useful structures and terms with the customers in order to provide the best for the customers. They are available for support and guidance and customers can speak to them as and when they require.


It is always important to replace a piece of equipment or buy a new one for a running business. It helps to stay updated with the latest technologies and to make the business more efficient and effective. Most businesses do not have a large amount of cash to spare at once as buying equipment is a capital expense and requires a large amount of expense at one go which adversely affects the working capital of a business.

This leads to the option of using leasing to make sure of the needed equipment which the business may or may not buy at the end of the lease term. This helps them make the most of the equipment and if needed, they can purchase it as well. This also reduces the need of tying up a large amount of cash at once and pays monthly installments instead. Financial Pacific Leasing is a well known and trusted name that can help any business lease their needed equipment by providing them with contacts with the equipment vendors as well and being the middle man for the transaction.

They create a long term relationship with their customers and it is no surprise that they have been market leaders in the leasing industry and have grown tremendously over the years.