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Equipment Leasing & Tax Changes for 2013

The upcoming changes in tax deductions for small business owners leasing equipment mean more taxes. There are questions lingering without any certainty about the IRS rule Section 179 where it stands.   Business income tax deductions for 2013, unless Congress decides to extend the current tax incentives, Revenue Ruling 179

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Bank Only Loans

There are a number of different forms of financing that can be obtained through alternative funding institutions for those businesses with less than stellar credit. Until more recently, though, all of them required the merchant to accept credit cards. This was fine for retailers that accepted credit cards, but it

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The Economy and Business Growth

Anyone who reads the newspaper or listens to the news knows that the economy, after a promising move forward at the beginning of the year, is slowing down drastically. This is partly owing to the lack of job growth but is also linked to the situation in Europe, whose various

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Small Business Administration 504 Loan

The Small Business Administration 504 Loan or Certified Development Company Program was created to give Small Businesses access to business financing for the purchase of real estate, business and business equipment at below market rates. The program is designed to enable small businesses to create and retain jobs; the CDC’s

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Start-up venture – Financing it without incurring debt

Practically, every start-up entrepreneur faces the problem of choosing the right financing option to fund his new business venture. Generally, entrepreneurs choose between debt and equity financing as standard means of business finance. Borrowing money straightaway from lending institutions with a formal agreement between the lender and borrower is known

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Banks – Are They Really Lending?

Despite the fact that lenders say they are opening their coffers to the borrowing public, loan balances have been declining. Commercial loans have increased somewhat, but overall small business still needs money and is not receiving it.   Banks have said they are increasing so-called asset based lending, in which

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