Best Small Business Lenders in Colorado



Best Small Business Lenders in Colorado

Lenders in Colorado

If you live in Colorado and are in need of a loan for your small business, we are going to provide some much-needed help to you by identifying the best small business lenders in Colorado.

Small business loans are obtained to get the business up and running. These loans range from a mere $5000 (provided by some banks) to a couple of million dollars. This money is then used to buy supplies, equipment, property and other such things that can get the business started.

Best Small Business Lenders in Colorado

Colorado Enterprise Fund

The Colorado Enterprise Fund has been working since 1976, providing loans to all types of small businesses and startups. The enterprise prizes itself as a non-profit, award-winning lender in Colorado that would do all it could for the development of institutions financially.

The Colorado Enterprise Fund aims to provide funds to small businesses in such a manner that the loans are not only affordable, but their terms and conditions are also business friendly. The rates are flexible, and they get you access to lines of credit. They take pride in their “getting to know you” process where they would inquire about you so that the loan provided is somewhat customized according to your needs.

They claim to be patient, transparent and responsible, so they would be extra careful about your loan application and the process you go through to get it so that it isn’t too difficult for you to get loans. To put the cherry on top, the Colorado Enterprise Fund promises to provide free consultancy and gives advice to all its borrowers for as long as the life of their loans. This is so that you would be able to fulfill your business dreams.

Colorado Lending Source

Colorado Lending Source provides multiple loans to its clients so that they get to fulfill their needs. The loans are kind of customized. There are four main categories of loans:

  • The commercial real estate loan is obtained from about $25000 to $5.5M so that you get to remodel and refurbish your business as you like. The loan is so that you can acquire the necessary property and building and you can buy proper equipment and tools you would need to start your small business adventure.
  • General business loans are for those who either have started or are already running their own small business and need some financial help in setting the business up. The loan provided would be from $25000 to $5M.
  • Community advantage loans are for those who, for one reason or another, have been unable to qualify for loans. With all the new rules, regulations and requirements that the banks want, it can indeed become quite difficult to get your loans approved. If you fall under this category, Colorado Lending Source is willing to provide you from $50,000 to $250,000 to get you on your feet.
  • Colorado Main Street would get you a character-based microloan of $5000-$50,000 in no time to help you start your small business or expand it.

To get the loan, you need to find out exactly what type of loan it is that you want. Once you have decided that, you can visit the Colorado Lending Source so that you can discuss your financial options. You would then, be paired with a loan officer who would help you submit your application. Once the application has gone through the process and approved, you would receive your funding that would give a boost to your small business.