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Everest Business Funding


Everest Business Funding is the answer for such businesses as they can finance them quite easily within a day or two as long as they meet their criteria. Most of the times, banks might take months to actually give an answer while Everest Business Funding can let a customer know their decision in about 24 hours! They serve big and small businesses both and the amount of financing can be between $5,000 and $500,000 quite easily.

Running a business is not easy. Especially if you operate in a small town or run a family owned small business with ongoing cash flow problems. You might have a vision but no funds to take that vision forward and may be stuck in the same line of business or unable to expand.

This is the dilemma of most small businesses or businesses which are family owned or run by a single person. The access to funds is almost nonexistent unless the owner ends up selling his personal assets to grow the business, which is obviously quite risky. Going to traditional banks and financial institutions is yet another issue as most of them require a long list of documents which a small business might not have. The banks might also want some sort of collateral as a security which again, a small business may not have access to. This leaves the business to stay in their comfort zone and not grow or use their savings if they have any. Many times profitable businesses that have been around for decades suddenly shut down, leaving most people wondering what happened. Most of the time it can be attributed to a lack of cash. Being profitable does not guarantee the company will stay in business if they have inadequate cash flows. Thus, an alternative form of financing is then required for such businesses so that they can meet their cash flow requirements.

Partner program

Everest Business Funding also has a partner program apart from proving the funding to big and small businesses. As a partner, anyone who meets the criteria can join the team at Everest Business Funding and become a partner with them to facilitate them in the funding process.

Featured on:

Everest Business Funding is a success story that has been featured on famous business magazines and newspapers like Forbes, Small business trends and Bloomberg Business week for being a successful funding service.

Uses of financing

Everest Business Funding is used by small businesses in order to help them with:

  • Buying new equipment. All businesses require funds to buy new equipment or replace their old ones and many a times do not have the required funds to do that. Everest Business Funding helps a business achieve that easily.
  • Make Payroll. Small businesses sometimes suffer from low cash inflows and are unable to meet their payroll requirements, at times like these they need cash really fast in order to make payments and Everest Business Funding is the right choice for their requirements.
  • Open new location. Everest Business Funding helps a business if they are interested in investing in a new location, moving to other premises or simply expanding their locations, which obviously requires funding that can be handled by Everest Business Funding quite easily.
  • Hire new staff. All businesses when they are doing well need to hire additional staff to cater to the rising demand and many a times they do not have a required funds to hire more employees but with the help of Everest Business Funding, they can now hire new employees easily.
  • Meet shortfalls in cash. All businesses suffer from cash shortages from time to time and Everest Business Funding makes it possible for small businesses to have cash available with them to meet unexpected shortages of cash flows.
  • There may be times when there are changes in demand and supply and to cater to these unexpected changes, Everest Business Funding helps out a business when there are no other financing options.
  • Other reasons. There may be various other reasons why a business may require financing. It may be to take advantage of buying in bulk, meet shortages in cash inflows and outflows, meet unexpected expenditures, etc.
  • Meet working capital requirements. All business need to have some cash in hand in order to meet their working capital requirements as they fall short.
  • Use for marketing purposes. Loans from Everest Business Funding can be used by the business in order to spend on their marketing and advertising for the business.
  • Expand the business. Businesses obviously require loans in order to expand and grow their business and Everest Business Funding makes that possible by providing all types of businesses with the required amount of financing in order for them to grow and expand their business operations.

The Process

The process of acquiring a loan from Everest Business Funding is quite simple and easy without any hassle. In fact, the loan can get pre approved within seconds! Since they have an online presence anybody can apply for a loan whenever they want. They have successfully funded thousands of businesses that are both big and small and they firmly believe that in order for any business to do well, all they require is a the right financial assistance in order to be successful.

·        Easy Application

The application process is pretty simple and easy where the user can apply for the loan online as and when they want and can submit their application for approval.

·        Funding

The process of providing the funding goes on for 24 hours where Everest Business Funding can make the decision whether to provide the loan or not.

·        Advances

The amount of business loans can be anything from $5,000 to $500,000 which the business can get very easily if they meet their criteria.

·        Payment Options

Once the amount of loan to be disbursed has been decided, how and when it has to be paid can be decided amongst the company and Everest Business Funding to make it as flexible and as easy as possible for the business.

Why should a business choose Everest Business Funding

A lot of businesses do not have many options to go to when they need financing and even if they do, they do not have at the required documentation that the traditional lenders mostly require. A lot of times the small business owners want a personalized service that is not provided by the big lenders and so Everest Business Funding is the ideal choice for such borrowers.

Moreover, Everest Business Funding also help a business to meet their day to day working capital requirements, provide them with the needed financial tools that are required for them to grow and many other purposes which a business may need the funds for. Everest Business Funding also provides the funds through a process that is quick and easy so that the business owners can remain focused on running their businesses rather than on arranging the funds.

Everest Business Funding treats their customers, the businesses with great respect and also with confidentiality and more like a partner, rather than just a customer. Everest Business Funding makes sure the needs of the business are understood by their financial managers and makes sure the requirements are met. The main focus is to provide the best quality of service to the customers so that they keep on coming to them again and again. The financial managers at Everest Business Funding also help and provide all the knowledge and the financial information to the businesses to help them make informed financial decisions. The pay back method is also made simple and flexible by making sure the customers are involved in the process of the terms and conditions of the loan.

Financing for all types of businesses

Everest Business Funding is not a typical financing company and goes above and beyond to help cater to the needs of all types of business, no matter what industry they belong to, as long as they meet their criteria, they can be a customer. Everest Business Funding also makes sure they provide the right solution to the business based on their specific industry and business type. The most popular industries that they serve are:

  • Medical and healthcare: They provide financing to the medical and health care practitioners like dentists, chiropractors, opticians and many others in the same field.
  • Restaurants: Financing facilities are also provided to bakeries, lounges, bars, nightclubs and restaurants and cafes and other in the same industry.
  • Service industry: Financing facilities are available for the businesses in the service industry like barber shops, beauty salons, dry cleaners, auto repair companies, nail spas; beauty salons can also acquire financing from them.
  • Other companies: Businesses who are in trade, construction, contractors, mechanics and plumbers are all eligible for loans from Everest Business Funding.
  • Retail: Everest Business Funding also serves grocery shops, cosmetic companies, liquor stores, party suppliers, clothing stores and many others in the retail industry as well.

Customer Support

Everest Business Funding employs financial advisors who are experts in their fields in order to help the customers to deal with their financial issues and to come up with the right solutions for their business.

They are available as and when they are needed and they offer free financial advice to the customers in order to help them make informed business decisions and suggest the right type of business loan to them along with the most suited terms and conditions of paying back the loan. Most of the business owners do not have much knowledge regarding the finances and the financial team at Everest Business Funding can help them with their financial decisions without charging anything extra.

Customer reviews

Everest Business Funding has been successful in providing the much needed business finance to a variety of small and big businesses that were in dire need of funds. Since the process was simple and hassle free many businesses all across the industry has been using the services of Everest Business Funding to meet their financial needs. Many business owners have written their reviews regarding the service and quality of Everest Business Funding and praised their personalized efforts in providing them the much needed funding. Other business owners from the line of restaurants have commented that their restaurant was in much need of remodeling which only possible through the loan which they acquired from Everest Business Funding and now their restaurant business is better than ever. Others have commented on how Everest Business Funding helped them make payroll payments possible just by taking into account the business’ annual revenues and helped them with their financial crunch. This way, many other businesses have written positive reviews regarding them and due to their successful transaction, they are mostly repeat customers to them as well.


Everest Business Funding has been around for a few years now and has been quite successful in providing loans to businesses, both big and small. Their process is easy and simple and hassle free and that is why most business owners are comfortable dealing with them. Moreover, they offer a personalized service to their customers and treat them with partners in order to share mutual trust and benefits with them and that leads to a relationship between the business owners and with Everest Business Funding.

Moreover, they also offer flexible terms and conditions for the loans that they offer and the businesses can easily discuss whatever term of loan works for them, whether they will be paying back smaller amounts of the loan over a long period of time or large chunks of the loan in a small time period. The financial advisors at Everest Business Funding are also experts in their fields and help the business to come up with the needed financial strategy to solve their cash flow problems. Overall, Everest Business Funding is a great platform that is there to help the businesses in order to get quick and easy financing fast which they otherwise had no access to.