Three Ways To Get Your New Business Off To A Kick Start

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Three Ways To Get Your New Business Off To A Kick Start

Start A Business

Starting up a new business is never easy especially in the current climate. You may feel like several issues are holding you back and stopping you from being able to launch your company and start trading, but there are solutions. The hardest part is getting your new business off the ground, there are a few simple things you can do to get around small teething problems and launch your business sooner than you expected.


Advertising And Marketing


Advertising and marketing your new business can be very expensive and often initially you won’t see much of a return on your investment. Take advantage of the free marketing that is social media. With billions across the globe using social media sites this is possibly the most effective way to market your business and if you manage it yourself it’s completely free.


Set up business accounts on Facebook and Twitter, you could also look into Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn but initially I would advise focusing on the two most popular social media sites.


Build followers on your pages and offer up useful information to be seen as a trustworthy and helpful company. Set yourself a goal to reach a certain amount of followers, when you reach this offer your followers a discount or voucher for your services to say thank you, you should then have your first influx of customers or clients.


Business Premises


We all need somewhere to run our business from, it’s not always suitable to do this from home, and when starting out renting our own premise isn’t always an option. A great way to get started is to use hired conference rooms.  There are some brilliant conference rooms available that are very professional and kitted out with all the resources you need. Many are charged by the hour and you can book for as little as an hour, or for a whole day. If you are using conference rooms to see people who pay for your time then the room is automatically paid for already. This is a great way to get started and over time you may have made enough profit and grown your business enough to buy your own premises.


Online Presence


These days no matter what you are selling, whether it be a product or a service, you need to be online! If initially you can’t afford to set up a website make sure you have a Google Map listing and a Google plus account. Using these will ensure you still show up on Google when people search for location based services and products.


If you can afford to set up a website most of your traffic will be through search engines. In order to show up for search terms related to your business you will need to be practicing SEO- Search Engine Optimisation. This is how you can rank above your competitors on search engines for targeted key words. You can manage your own SEO, just read up about it online and get started! Ranking on search engines can make a big difference to your business and the speed you grow at.


Eilidh MacRae works for Hubworking which provides conference rooms.