Celebrating National Small Business Week



Celebrating National Small Business Week

National Small Business Week gives us a time to recognize and celebrate the American Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur spirit that our country is known for. Since our country’s inception, our economy has been build on mom-and-pop shops and start-up entrepreneurs.


Currently, the country’s 28 million small businesses create nearly two out of three jobs.(www.whitehouse.gov). With small businesses responsible for two out of every three new jobs, we should recognize that our economy cannot thrive without the success of our small businesses. The small businesses of America continue to create a community feel within neighborhoods. Residents of these communities know they can count on the local small businesses to be there when they need something.


First, we’d like to thank the millions of men and women work hard everyday to ensure their small business is successful. They contribute to our national and global economy by creating new jobs, driving innovation, and increasing America’s competitiveness.


At Liberty Capital, our number one goal is to help small businesses succeed. We invite you to contact us in the chance you need funding for your business and we’ll be sure to provide you with fast and convenient working capital options. We look at the health of your business rather than your credit score. You can count on us for a simple application process, minimal paperwork and documents, and quick funding. With every move we make, we’re helping to fuel small business growth, one business at a time.