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Small Business Financials



Small Business Profit and Loss

Your Profit and Loss and Balance Sheets Are More Important Than You Think Within any business, there are certain plans and documents that need to be followed. The small business profit and loss table and balance sheet contribute to being one of the most important financial documents in any organization.

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Small Business Profit and Losskazaa 4:24 am November 22nd, 2017



Small Business Owners

5 Crucial Things Small Business Owners Do That Harm Their Businesses! Statistics show that more than 20 percent of the small businesses do not make it past the first year. More do not make it past three years and very few go past the five-year mark by which time they

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Small Business Ownerskazaa 7:30 am October 16th, 2017



Business Tax Deductions 2017

Best Business Tax Deductibles For Business Owners Before Trumps Tax Proposal! What is the difference between using purchased and leased equipment for a small business? Well, when you lease equipment, you have the chance to lease when you need it only. When you buy, it is yours for keeps. But

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Business Tax Deductions 2017kazaa 10:33 pm October 16th, 2017