Merchant Cash Advance

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What Is a Merchant Cash Advance?

A Merchant cash advance (MCA), also known as future receivable purchase or business cash advance is a type of business capital which is available for various enterprises. In simple terms, it is an amount of money given, in cash, to businesses in order to fulfill their capital needs. The repayment schedule varies as per the agreement, type of business, amount of interest, and other such factors. The merchant cash advance carries annual percentage rates which include the total cost of the loan.

Since it’s not a loan, there is no interest rate but rather a fee or discount rate for the purchase of your future credit card sales, deposit or any and all of your future revenue, without limiting a business from having credit card sales for such product or program to be available. If you have sales whether through credit card or not, you’re eligible.

Business cash advance in exchanged for a (%) percentage of your credit card sales without giving up equity into your business at an agreed estimated time, specified withhold and fixed payback is something a prudent business owner can appropriately manage well can have a huge impact in total access to funding. You can choose to do it once or you can keep doing it making it your alternative line of credit to access capital during busy or off-season – a resource for a line of credit when needed.

  • Funding up to 125% of your monthly sales
  • For businesses with credit card sales
  • Switching credit card processor optional
  • Paid back quick or longer based on % withholding
  • $25,000 credit card sales minimum
  • Only pay when you have credit card sales
  • ACH available
  • Low documentation

Use the business cash advance as you see fit!


Upgrade Hardware/Software & Office Furniture

Expansion capital

Renovate or relocate your business


Revamp Company Website

Inventory Capital

Ramp up on Inventory or stock up on supplies


Payroll, Sales and Federal Tax Dues


Pay Off Existing Merchant Cash Advances, debt consolidation.

Business Merchant Cash Advance Features

Whatever your financial needs, we are here to help!

Get the merchant cash advance funding your business deserves from alternative small business lenders. Merchant cash advance funding is provided by merchant cash advance private lenders who take higher risk in exchange for a higher rate. Merchant cash advanced has come a long way from its inception. It was mainly for businesses with credit card sales. But now, it has grown into a fintech industry funding billions of businesses nationwide.

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Upto $500,000

Business Cash Advance, Merchant Cash Advance up to $500,000 per Location

Easy Payments

Flexible Paybacks up to 18 months – weekly or daily!

No Collateral

No Additional Collateral Required


Easily to Refinance for additional business cash advance capital

No application fees

Minimal documentation for approval and funding

Get Funds Fast

Funding in 24-48 hrs

Future Receivables

Purchase Future Receivables rather than a loan

Business Cash Advance

Based on discount rate on advanced capital


Fee based pricing rather than amortized loan

Credit Card Processor

Optional Switching Processor if majority of sales is through credit card