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Equipment Financing and Leasing

It’s hard to liquidate a depreciating asset. Smart business owner will let the equipment pay for itself while it generates revenue or create savings.

Use the Capital as you see fit!

Office Upgrades

Upgrade Hardware & Office Furniture

Machinery Upgrades

Upgrade Aging Machinery


Replace Obsolete Equipment

Latest Tech

Catch up with the latest technology


Revamp Your Fleet

New Tools

Become Efficient and Productive with new tools

Whatever your Equipment Financing and Leasing needs, we are here to help!

Over 80% of small businesses nationwide utilize some form of funding and big part of it is equipment financing and leasing. Besides the tax benefits, cash flow and leveraging fixed asset is one big reason big companies lease their equipment majority of the time rather than using cash to pay for fixed asset.

Equipment Financing Made Easy

There are many advantages to equipment financing, leasing or short-term lease. This is fully amortized with very little capital outlay.

No Application Fee

No Additional Collateral Required

Finance New or Used Equipment, Machinery or Vehicles

Industry Restriction-free

No Sales Minimum

No Down Payment Required

Letter of Intent with 24 hours

Special Finance and Deferral Payment Options

Up to $1 million in as little as 24 hours

Get the cash you need, when you need it!

Our small business financing experts are available to guide you through the funding Process.


At LCG, we fuse technology and the human touch to help lower search costs for borrowers and lenders while delivering better speed and customer service. LCG connects borrowers to a nationwide network of banks and lenders. Our team of dedicated funding specialists help borrowers get the right financing product and work quickly to help you secure the capital your business needs.
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