Pre-approval Indicators

 Pre-approval Predictors

At Liberty Capital Group, you’re more than a number. We look beyond traditional bank requirements and focus on the health of your business. Using cutting-edge technology, Liberty Capital Group determines maximum pre-approvals by considering a variety of factors.

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Businesses with hard assets and excellent credit ratings usually qualify for traditional bank loans. But, where does that businesses that also generate revenue but have nothing to put up for collateral and have poor credit?

Time in Business Chart - Loan Underwriting

Time in Business

Running a business is not easy. Liberty Capital Group gives credit where credit is due by considering how long a business owner has operated a business.

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We don’t turn our back on small business. Even when struggling with personal credit problems,  we give business owners access to the funding they need. Liberty Capital Group requires a minimum FICO® score as low as 550 to qualify for a small business loan.