Top 10 Best Interest Calculators for Small Business Owners

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Top 10 Best Interest Calculators for Small Business Owners

Are you a small business owner? If you answered yes, then this article is for you.

We live in a digital era and so do small businesses too. Gone are the days when you needed to read big books to find out how to calculate the interest. Again, you no longer have to spend money on an employee to calculate and solve your interest problems. Today, all you need to solve remarkable problems about interest. Find the best interest calculator online. A high-quality interest calculator will solve all your interest problems within no time.

Importance of interest calculators for Small Business Owners

It is essential that you understand the different ways in which the interest can be simple interest loans and compounded amortized loans. With the use of a great interest calculator, you will not only be able to understand, but also compare the different ways in which banks can compound interest. For you to get the best deal when seeking to invest your money, or borrow a small business loan, you will have to compare various banks or accounts, and lenders in the case of loans. You can only do this by calculating the future simple interests and compound interests amounts, and in the case of small business loans, the overall cost of a loan.

The easiest, most effective, and quickest way to calculate interest rates or amounts and to compare loans apples-to-apples is by using an interest calculator. In fact, understanding how to calculate the APR and loan payments manually without using an interest calculator is plainly a complicated affair. So, APR calculators are actually the easiest and more preferred way to go.

Common problems business owners face about interest

Most small business owners usually face a number of problems with interest. Good thing is that quality interest calculators can help in solving most of these problems. Some of the most common problems small business owners face, and interest calculators can easily help them to solve include:

  • Calculating interest payments and final balances
  • Finding an unknown principal
  • Finding an unknown amount and interest
  • Calculating an unknown time period
  • Calculating interest rate
  • Comparing long-term compound growth and simple monthly interest income

With the best interest calculator, you will save a lot of your time trying to manually calculate unknown principal, interest rates, final balances, interest payments, and etc. An interest calculator will solve all these problems and display the solution on your screen within no time.

Interest calculators offer you complete flexibility. You can use them on your desktop computer, laptop, or cell phone wherever whenever. You don’t have to sit on your office chair to calculate interest. These calculators allow you to do the calculations from the comfort of your home, on the road, or even at a restaurant when you have your tea.

Top 10 best interest calculators

Just like there are so many banks that are ready to give small business owners opportunities to save and invest their money, there are also so a good number of APR calculators out there. Each one of them purports to be the best one. As expected, not all of these interest calculators are made equal. That is, they are not of the same quality. You might find it hard to tell whether a particular interest calculator you are considering using will give you the exact interest amount on your savings. However, you don’t have to worry anymore because we are going to present the best APR calculators you can find on the web in this post.

Locating the best interest calculator can be difficult and time-consuming. To save your time, and to make it easier on your side, we have done our research and come up with the list of top 10 interest calculators available for small business owners in the market today. Without much ado, let’s check them out!

1. Calculator.net – Interest Calculator

The Calculator.net is a great interest calculator for small business owners. This calculator is designed to help you find out not only the interest payments but also the final balances on both fixed principal amounts and additional periodic contributions. Besides, there are also other optional factors that available for consideration such inflation and tax on the income interest. This calculator will calculate for you the amount of money that will be taxed from your income interest. It also calculates for you the inflation on your income interest. Therefore, the Calculator.net gives you the exact amount of income interest and provides you what you will get as the final balance.
It is developed in-house and you can access it from wherever you are at any time. The calculator is based on well-known interest rate formulas from widely used textbooks.

2. Moneychimp.com – Compound Interest Calculator

Moneychimp is a free online interest calculator built to help small business owners calculate simple and compound interests of their savings. It is built from important standard strategies and formulas that guide the calculations of compound interest and simple interest. By using this calculator, you will be able to judge what you could possibly get in future from your savings by estimating future profits by calculating the present values of return.

One of the features that make moneychimp interest calculator stand out is that it is an interactive calculator. With this calculator, you don’t need to know how to calculate or estimate compound interest. It gives you the formula and the direction to type the figures and it will do the calculation for you immediately.

Moneychimp adapts to any screen size, and you can use it on PCs, laptops, tablets, or cell phones.

3. WebMATH.com – Simple Interest Calculator

If you are looking for the best Simple Interest Calculator, then look no further than the WebMATH. This online calculator is a powerful math-solver. It will analyze your problem instantly, and provide you with a transparent step-by-step solution on how it has arrived at the interest rate.

All you need to do is to key in the amount of money borrowed or loaned – the principal amount – and the interest rate percentage that is attached to this amount of money. Next, type the length of time you would want to know what the interest will be. Just like that, you will instantly find the exact amount of fees and interests.

The good thing with this calculator is that you don’t have to post the figures to some electronic bulletin board and then wait for someone to do the calculation, and there is no waiting for an email response. You will actually get the accurate simple interest rate right away, right here without delay. One of the noteworthy features of this calculator is that besides giving you an accurate answer to your interest rate calculation, it also shows you how it is done.

In case you don’t know, simple interest refers to the amount of money you earn by initially investing a certain amount of money. The money you initially invest to earn simple interest is known as the principal. The interest – expressed in percentage – of the principal is added to the amount you initially invested (the principal), and this makes the money you initially invested to grow.

4. Financial-calculators.com – Simple Interest Calculator

Financial-calculators.com is a great simple interest calculator that will help you a great deal. It is the interest calculator for exact days, that is, no estimation. It calculates the interest between any 2 dates. Simple interest is simply the interest that is payable on the principal only.

The terms of a debt may call for a simple interest calculation, especially if a payment doesn’t cover the interest due. In this case, there is a need to track the unpaid interest disjointedly from the unpaid principal balance. According to our research, Financial-calculators.com is the only online interest calculator that provides users with this option. The calculator creates a clear schedule that shows you the unpaid interest balance.

Financial-calculators.com is precisely what you need to calculate interest for any account that is past due effortlessly. It is also the perfect calculator for calculating interest on your monthly invoices. It is the most flexible and most sophisticated simple interest calculator you can find currently on the web. This online APR calculator will give you accurate date results with variable cash flows.

5. FinancialMentor.com – Compound Interest Calculator

FinancialMentor is a great compound interest calculator that every small business owner should use. Compared to other compound interest calculators, FinancialMentor comes with more great features. You can vary the compounding intervals and the deposit intervals daily, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annually.

By using this calculator, you will be able to compare two absolutely different investments. The FinancialMentor is an easier, quickest way to calculate compound interest. It also helps you understand how important compound interest is to your business besides helping you chose appropriate investments that will enable you to achieve higher returns.

6. CalcXML.com – Compound Interest Calculator

CalcXML is one of the best compound interest calculators available for small business owners. You can use this interest calculator free of charge to determine what impact the compound interest rate will have on the future value of your savings or an asset. Accurate and simple to use, this calculator will calculate for you the compound interest of your savings or investment at a glance. It is actually a great tool that will help you in the financial decision-making process.

CalcXML is not only clean, but also sleek on any device, and you can use it to do the calculations on any device. It also responds to its environment given that it has been designed according to the principles of responsive web design. In other words, it adapts to whatever the size of the screen on which it is displayed. Whether you are using the smallest cell phone or the largest desktop monitor, you will be very happy with this interest calculator.

Being a multi-language calculator it can literally be used in any currency and in any country. So, no matter where you are, and whichever currency you want your interest amount calculated in, CalcXML has you covered.

7. Mathportal.org – Simple interest calculator

The list of the best interest calculators for small business owners cannot be complete without including the Mathportal.org. This is a great simple interest calculator that you can use with confidence if you are a small business owner.

You can solve a number of simple interest problems using this calculator. For instance, it can help you solve the problems with unknown amount and interest. For example, let’s assume you have deposited $5000 into a particular bank account that pays you 7 percent simple interest per year, and you leave your money there for 3 years. This calculator will help you find the interest and amount.

This calculator also solves problems with an unknown principal. For instance, you deposit a certain amount of money into a bank account that pays 4 percent simple interest yearly, and after 3 years, you received $72 in interest. This calculator will help you arrive at the principal, or the amount you deposited. You can also use this calculator to find out unknown interest rate and an unknown time period.

The calculator gives you the option to choose whether you want to just see the solution without showing you the calculations, or whether you want to see how the calculation is done from the beginning to the end. The calculator allows you to see a step-by-step calculation on how it calculates your simple interest.

8. money.cnn.com – Savings Interest Calculator

CNN Money is a great simple interest calculator that can be very helpful to entrepreneurs who own small businesses. This online simple interest calculator will calculate for you the interest on your savings in an accurate manner. It is a free online calculator that comes complete with a simple explanation of the simple interest formula. It not only shows you the solution or the final figures, but it also shows you the calculations in a simple step-by-step demonstration of how the figure is arrived at.

This calculator takes many different factors into account when calculating the simple interest on your savings. Precisely, it considers factors such as various periodic contributions, inflation, and tax in order to arrive at the final balance.

With monthly breakdowns and an option to include regular withdrawals and monthly deposits, calculating simple interest doesn’t get easier, quicker and seamless than with this simple interest calculator.

9. calculatorsoup.com – simple interest plus principal calculator

Calculator Soup is one of the best interest calculators available today for small business owners. It is a simple interest calculator that accurately calculates an accrued amount which includes principal plus the interest. You can use this simple interest calculator to calculate simple interest (Principal + interest) and get the final value, which is the accrued amount of your investment plus the accumulated simple interest of your investment or savings.

This is an online free simple interest calculator which you can use without paying anything. The calculator is accessible on almost any device provided you have an Internet connection. You can do the calculation on your PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Unlike most interest calculators out there, Calculator Soup page will show you the work or calculations. This will help you understand all the calculations and how the final simple interest figure is arrived at. This calculator calculates simple interest using the formula A=P (I + rt) where

  • A is the total accrued amount
  • P is the Principal amount
  • I is the interest amount
  • r is the rate of interest for every year in decimal
  • t is the time period involved in years or months

10. thecalculatorsite.com – Compound Interest Calculator

In case you are a small business owner and you are searching for the best interest calculator to calculate the compound interest on your savings, then the calculator.site.com will be your best bet. You can use this calculator on your PC or a mobile device to calculate the compound interest on the money you have saved or planning to save, and it gives you accurate monthly breakdowns.

One of the best features of this interest calculator is that it comes with the option even to include the regular monthly withdrawals or deposits. This calculator comes with a number of options in terms of the length of time in which you wish to calculate the compound interest amount on your savings. Precisely, it allows you to choose to compound interest yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly, or even daily. In other words, it includes options for:

  • Yearly compounding
  • Half yearly compounding
  • Quarterly compounding
  • Monthly compounding
  • Daily compounding

The calculations given by these compound interest calculators are accurate and will guide you accordingly in making informed decisions.


Time is money, or so they say. As a small business owner, you know that your time is the most valuable resource. So, you should find the best ways to save it. Using the best interest calculator to calculate interest and solve interest problems can save you time a great deal. They come with total flexibility and accuracy, which can be very helpful to any small business owner. You can use any of the above mentioned top 10 best interest calculators with confidence. Start using an interest calculator today and you will thank me later or some day.