Small Businesses Hurry to Borrow Before End of 2014

With indicators pointing up including home sales, employment, and control of natural resources, the United States is beginning to rebound from the Great Recession. The lending industry has also seen an upward trend in applications as many small businesses are seeing profits rise. As a result, small business owners are investing into their businesses again and that spells big out competition for those unwilling to follow suit.

But, the scramble to overtake markets in communities isn’t the only thing motivating the strategically-minded small business owner. Lenders are dropping their rates in order to close out the year on a strong note and disperse any potential remaining funds to reach their goals for the end of the year. That equates to a lower cost to borrow and a cushion of cash flow—enough from now until the end of the holidays.

A higher volume of applications are being received and thereby more approvals overall. Banks are touting their commitment to small business. However, what is not being said is that most of those select approvals are reserved for businesses on the higher end of the credit spectrum with loan requests higher than $150,000. In fact the average small business loan is $150,000 but, about only 10% of all SBA loans serviced through banks go to small businesses who request $150,000 or less.
Take an independently owned retail shop for example: the government defines a small business in retail as firm whose annual receipts do not exceed $5.0 to $21.0 million, depending on the particular product being provided. It appears that the definition of small business on depends on who you ask.

Fortunately, there are other options available for true small businesses. The latest sensation are companies such as Liberty Capital Group (LCG) have come to the rescue of thousands of business owners throughout the country, providing options that have led to billions of dollars in funding from non-bank alternative lending sources industry-wide—they’re just as eager to meet their goals and small business owners are more likely to get the funds they need to keep up or pass the others in the race.