Small Business Loans for Bad Credit…Do they exist?

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Small Business Loans for Bad Credit…Do they exist?

“Good credit, bad credit, no credit, no problem!”  You’ve heard it a million times before. This catchy advertising jingle is being used more than ever by businesses and still seems to grab the attention of listeners. But why do people love to hear this? How much of it is actually true? And what about small business loans for bad credit, do they exist? Or is it a myth? Those who have tried to apply for a small business loan through the traditional bank know that it’s hard to qualify, especially if your credit is flawed. So what is a small business to do in a tough economy where the possibility of qualifying for a loan is slim to none?


It’s sad that banks turn away so many small businesses because of credit or their industry. But the good news is that there are other options for business owners who have a less than perfect credit score. Believe it or not, not all business loans are based on credit scores and collateral. Alternative small business loans for bad credit are becoming more and more popular among those who lack credit and even those who would rather not deal with the hassle of borrowing from the bank. After all, it’s easier, faster, and if you choose to go through a good lender such as Liberty Capital, you will receive more personalized customer service than a traditional bank. Unlike the usual small business loans, our unsecured loan does not require collateral, good credit, or in depth financial statements. To qualify, we only look at your future receivables, which is why most cash generating businesses qualify for our business loan with no problem. Your repayment is determined by your revenue. If your business experiences a slowing in cash flow, your payment simply becomes less. When it comes to searching for a small business loan, the saying continues to remain true, good credit, bad credit, no credit, no problem, we’ve got options for your small business!


Liberty Capital is a leading provider of working capital loans, business cash advances and equipment leasing. We can provide your business with the loan it needs in order to grow, expand, or help meet ongoing cash flow needs. Don’t let the tough economy or bad credit bring your business down. Get the funds you need, speak to one of our experienced underwriters today!