“OctoNovemCember” – Are You Ready For It?



“OctoNovemCember” – Are You Ready For It?

OctNovemCemberFirst, do you know what “OctoNovemCember” really stands for? This is the new name which was coined by WhaleShark Media for the speeding up or early opening of the holiday season. Its logo will be a Pumpkin-Turkey-Claus.


I remember when the start of the Christmas (buying) season began the day after Thanksgiving and was known as Black Friday. Everyone raced to stores for the biggest shopping day of the season. More recently we have seen the addition of cyber Monday, wherein the vast majority of computer savvy shoppers begin their online Christmas buying.


I remember the days after Thanksgiving strolling through stores, feeling that warm glow that holiday decorations produce. Bit by bit that holiday shopping date has been moving up in time. This year is the first time I remember seeing ads on TV by retailers extolling the benefits of their Christmas layaway plans – beginning the first week of October! What happened to Halloween? What happened to Thanksgiving?


The bottom line is that retailers are pushing their holiday campaigns forward by leaps and bounds in order to gain as much monetary advantage from the early start to the holiday season as possible. Holiday sales forecasts are predicting a rise in retail sales of between 3% and 4% and retailers want to hop on that bandwagon as soon as feasible and boost their income and a slow economy.


According to a study, shoppers on RetailMeNot.com reported saving more on their purchases on Thanksgiving Day than they did on Black Friday. What’s more, these shoppers spent 5 % more on an average order on Thanksgiving than they did on Black Friday.


There also is a case to be made for catching consumers when they are in a good mood. Though cautious, the buying public is feeling more positive about their financial futures. They will, though, be looking for promotional events and bargains.


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