Introducing Instant Payment Calculator



Introducing Instant Payment Calculator

Instant Working Capital Payment and Approval Calculator

Making the decision that you need to take out a business working capital is a big step. After this decision is reached, the question then arises with respect to the amount that you can realistically hope to finance and the interest rate and working capital term period that you can garner for paying off said financing.

At Liberty Capital, we try to make the borrowing process as effortless as possible. Our website provides you with our easy-to-operate Small Business Working capital Calculator. All you have to do is enter the amount of your Monthly Bank Deposits and your Monthly Credit Card Sales, and our Calculator will not only tell you how much you can borrow, but what your repayment rates will be for that amount depending on the term you choose for repayment – from 5 – 18 months. No Monthly Credit Card Sales? No problem. Just enter the amount of your Monthly Bank Deposits and our Calculator will let you know your Estimated Approval Amount. All you have to do is choose the term that best suits your needs.

Check out our Calculator and see how much you can borrow! Click here to access our Small Business Loan Calculator

Please keep in mind these are just estimates and your final approval will be based on few factors such as monthly, daily cash flow, and annual revenue and looking forward. It’s better to have approval and not need it than need it and not have one! Your success is our success!

Remember with a Business Working Capital from Liberty Capital there are:

  • No Application Fees
  • No Additional Collateral
  • Revenue Based Not Credit Score


  • You’ll have a decision in 2 days
  • Can refinance for more capital

Please apply to get multiple offers. Call our underwriters at (888) 511-6223 or visit us on the web at www.libertycapitalgroup.com. We are here to help!

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