Candid Client Conversation with CEO of LCG



Candid Client Conversation with CEO of LCG

Regardless of the industry and size of the business group, the planning for such talk often involves a long conversation with the CEO or another senior member of the management team in advance, but this call was unexpected.

Liberty Capital Group is a leading provider of small business loans and equipment financing for 15 years; small businesses turn to Liberty Capital Group for quick, and simple funding. The smart business owner will let the equipment pay for itself while it generates revenue or creates savings, others will pay cash to save on interest. Tieing your precious working capital on an asset that could end up costing you more in interest.

How can you handle the situation if you are planning for funding then you changed your mind and not interested anymore? How to deal with all of this? And How to talk to Liberty Capital’s CEO?

Billy is one of the potential clients of Liberty Capital Group who wants to get funding to keep going and growing his business. But, he got connected with the payment given from a progress payment so he doesn’t need the money anymore. Here’s how Billy handles the situation and how conversation flow with the CEO of Liberty Capital Group, Adrian Dalsey.