Bank Only Loans



Bank Only Loans

Bank Only Loans

There are a number of different forms of financing that can be obtained through alternative funding institutions for those businesses with less than stellar credit. Until more recently, though, all of them required the merchant to accept credit cards. This was fine for retailers that accepted credit cards, but it left a whole segment of the financial arena high and dry, being unable to obtain the necessary loans needed for the smooth operation of their small businesses. More recently, however, alternative financing companies have been offering small business working capital loans to businesses that do not take credit cards. The loan amounts are based solely on the small business’ bank deposits and do not require additional assets as collateral. This is a great boon to a large portion of small business owners who do not take credit cards and were therefore unable to secure the needed financing.


Some of the advantages to a small business working capital loans are:

  • Payments are reported to the major credit bureaus, thus reestablishing business credit
  • No additional collateral needed
  • Loans are tax deductible
  • Easy qualification for Business Working Capital
  • Easy loan repayment

You can put your small business Working Capital Loan to use in a variety of ways:

  • Pay overdue bills
  • Pay off high interest credit cards
  • Buy inventory and supplies
  • Buy new business hardware and software
  • Leverage business daily cash flow


These are just a few of the many benefits and uses for your easily obtainable small business working capital loan. If you are interested in pursuing this option contact the Financial Specialists at Liberty Capital Group, Inc. Call today:

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