Unsecured Revolving Business Line of Credit

What is an unsecured revolving business line of credit?

An unsecured revolving business line of credit is a business financing option that does not require collateral to secure the unsecured revolving business line of credit. Since this is an unsecured business line of credit you wont have to put any of your assets on the line. The revolving business line of credit allows you to draw funds any time you want and replenish the available funds at anytime and you only pay interest on the time borrowed.

Compare to banks, our business line of credit is comparably better than most banks since banks typically don’t offer unsecured lines of credit let alone traditional line of credit.

Our revolving line of credit allows you to get set aside funding for emergencies without incurring interest for funds not drawn and only pay for the time borrowed.

BENEFITS & FEATURES of our Unsecured Business Lines of Credit.

  1. Same-day decision and next-day funding
  2. Seamless Online-Activation Process
  3. No Early payoff penaltiespay early only pay interest on time borrowed
  4. No Maximum Draw Amount
  5. True revolver – each payment replenishes available funds to take at anytime
  6. Doesn’t show up on your personal credit
  7. Draw as much as you want anytime you want with $5,000 draw minimum
  8. No Origination or maintenance fees – Only pay for fund used with simple 1.99% draw fee
  9. Prior MCA or Liens OK!
  10. Less financial burden that an MCA which requires you to take the full amount and have to wait to refinance at 50% level


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Quick and simple

Yes! Our business line of credit is actually not only fair but quick and simple to get approved without having to compile all the financials just to get an approval. You don’t need over 700 credit either to get approved! Even if you have other daily, weekly debits (MCA’s) you can still qualify for this true revolving line of credit without paying those off.

Payback as quick as you want

Payback as quick as you want and only pay interest on time borrowed. Draw available funds or pay it back between 6-18 months with no penalty. All we need is one-page verification for to get started and 6 months banks statements to get approvals offers. It’s fast and easy to get the line set up!

Our small business financing experts are available to guide you through the funding Process.


At LCG, we fuse technology and the human touch to help lower search costs for borrowers and lenders while delivering better speed and customer service. LCG connects borrowers to a nationwide network of banks and lenders. Our team of dedicated funding specialists help borrowers get the right financing product and work quickly to help you secure the capital your business needs.
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