Looking for more capital? Look no further.


At Liberty Capital Group, we understand that opportunities and challenges arise at any given second.  That`s why we developed a Revolving Funding Program  to meet the needs of our customers as soon as they arrive at the half-way paid down mark on their current program.

Use additional funding to:

  • Stabilize cash flow during the off-season
  • Keep up with current operational needs
  • Pay for licenses, fees, and insurance
  • Take advantage of new opportunities to grow or expand

Whatever, pops up, Liberty Capital Group is your source for additional capital. Speak with a Customer Specialist today toll-free.


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    Even quicker and simpler funding

    Repeat Customers

    Liberty Capital Group was a great find and helped me turn my business around without hurting our cash flow. They found me capital when no one else could. They gave me choices…they were great at explaining all my options and how it would effect my cash flow. I`ve used them twice for Small Business Loans and would use them again.

    Thomas Sullivan, New York, NY

    My 30-year old retail business faced financial problems after many years of bad economy and natural disasters. The banks tightened up all loan requirements which furthered the economic crisis. My business fell prey to a “Future Credit Card Purchases” company that took most of the profits and their “renewal” policy was a money scheme that should be illegal. The term “loan shark” comes to mind. Fortunately,… Liberty Capital found me through a fax and a phone call a year ago. I knew Liberty Capital was my chance to get my head above water. After speaking with [our account manager] Jeff Thon, we put into play a plan to bring my bad loan to a refinance-able level. This February I paid off the loan shark with some reserve to improve my business.

    Ming Ling Koshi, Honolulu, HI

    I am a small business owner in Eugene, OR; specifically i have been a veterinary practice owner for over 22 years. I have twice taken out loans with Liberty Capital Group…and have been very happy with the service. Loan terms were reasonable, service and closing was quick. All representatives of Liberty Capitol Group were polite, professional, capable and efficient. I can highly recommend…Liberty Capital Group`s services.

    Nancy Vethosp, DVM, Eugene, OR