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Small Business and Cash Flow

As if small businesses don’t have enough trouble in this tight economy, in general they also have to wait longer to be reimbursed for their products/services. Ever since the economic downhill slide, large companies have been holding on to money for as long as possible, perhaps to hedge their bets

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Your Credit Score and You

I’m sure everyone’s well aware of how important your credit score is for a variety of different business and personal reasons. A good credit score can save you thousands in interest, while a bad credit score could cost you not only the ability to get a loan, but the rate of

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May 9 , 2012 | Posted by Adrian Dalsey |

Is the Economy Really Slowing Down?

According to the most recent reports small business lendingslipped in March a (supposed) sign that companies are losing confidence in the economy. This has triggered some rather negative remarks about economic recovery from the naysayers of the industry. In turn this has caused downturns in the markets. Per an interview

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How Safe Is Your Credit Card Processor?

Third Party Payment Handler’s System Breached – How Safe Are We? The credit card industry was stunned last week by news that data from as many as 10 million credit cards had been misappropriated by cyber thugs. Visa and MasterCard rushed to allay the fears of the potential 1.5 million

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