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Loans for Doctors

Several types of low-interest and government-backed loans are available specifically for physicians and medical practices. For example, many doctors purchase their homes with physician loans rather than traditional mortgages.   Government-backed loans from the U.S. Small Business Administration and low-interest lines of credit from banks enable physicians to get the

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Small Business the Backbone of Employment?

“Companies in U. S. Increased Payrolls by 162,000, ADP Says” was the recent headline in a local financial paper. The article went on to discuss the ups and downs the job market has been experiencing over the last year. According to certain economists, the labor market “continues to show modest

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Equipment Leasing & Tax Changes for 2013

The upcoming changes in tax deductions for small business owners leasing equipment mean more taxes. There are questions lingering without any certainty about the IRS rule Section 179 where it stands.   Business income tax deductions for 2013, unless Congress decides to extend the current tax incentives, Revenue Ruling 179

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Bank Only Loans

There are a number of different forms of financing that can be obtained through alternative funding institutions for those businesses with less than stellar credit. Until more recently, though, all of them required the merchant to accept credit cards. This was fine for retailers that accepted credit cards, but it

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