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Business Lender Reviews

December 4 , 2017 | Posted by kazaa |

Breakout Finance

Introduction Most of the small businesses have no access working capital and have to use their own savings and borrowings from friends and family in order to run their business. They have no access to funds if they want to expand their business or renovate their premises or to meet […]
October 28 , 2017 | Posted by kazaa |

Business Backer

Business Backer has been around since 2007 and has been working with small businesses in order to provide them with the needed cash flows. They understand the needs and the requirements of a small business that are unable to get hold of the required funds from traditional channels. The Business […]
October 28 , 2017 | Posted by kazaa |


RapidAdvance offers personalized services that the small businesses crave. They are able to offer them flexible services so that these businesses can utilize them for whatever purpose they need. They have financed over tens of thousands of businesses in almost every industry with over $1 billion in funds. Most of […]
October 28 , 2017 | Posted by kazaa |


Many a time small businesses are unable to grow or to expand and even if they are profitable they eventually die out due to lack of funds. It is the case with most economies these days where the main focus remains on the big corporations which generate the most profit […]
October 28 , 2017 | Posted by kazaa |

National Funding

Small businesses make up a large part of a country’s economy. Small businesses are essential for the smooth running of a society and the economy in general. Many times, businesses running on a small scale are overlooked by the big financial institutions as they lack the necessary documentation, collateral and […]
October 27 , 2017 | Posted by kazaa |


If you operate a small business, many a times you feel the need to expand your business or require items for inventory or sometimes you just simply want to upgrade your premises or your equipment but do not have the required funds. This is usually the case with most small […]
Small Business Loan

With access to premium funding resources, Business Loan Buff delivers quick, affordable small business loans up to $500,000. From conventional loans to SBA loans, we’ve got your funding needs covered.

Equipment Financing

Every business needs the right tools to operate. Whether it’s expanding your fleet of trucks or upgrading company computers, Business Loan Buff’s Equipment Financing programs make it possible for you to continue to go and grow on any budget.

Non-bank Financing

Poor credit, tax liens, and past bankruptcies shouldn’t disqualify your business needs. We look beyond credit and focus instead on the health of your business. With Business Loan Buff your’re only a click or call away from connecting to the best funding options available to your business.