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Strategic Funding

Most of the time small businesses start their operations with a full swing but end up failing in a year or so.

There are probably so many small scale set up that we all might have seen which were really profitable and popular, yet they were shut down soon. It’s difficult to understand why a profitable business would shut down like that.

The answer is usually because they suffer from cash flow problems. Most small businesses do not have access to working capital and are unable to meet the growing demands, changes in the demand and supply as well as being unable to expand the business. This leads them to finally call it a closure if there is no other way. Majority of the small business owners look for borrowings from their friends and family and their own savings and when they run out of that as well, they end up selling their personal assets to raise the finance if they really need it.

More often than not, small businesses and their owners are sidelined by the mainstream traditional banking system, which have multiple requirements to qualify for a simple loan. Other times, a person may well be qualified for a loan, but people are generally intimidated by large scale corporations and their lack of personalized services. This leads us to the unique services offer by Strategic Funding, which provides:

  • A wide range of lending products that a customer may choose from
  • Personalized service
  • Option to tailor make the products
  • Loan officers who are experts in their field
  • Financial advisory to small business owners
  • Simple and easy terms of loans
  • Quick access to funds

Most of the times a small business may require funds for the following reasons:

  • To meet unexpected expenses
  • For business expansion
  • To meet seasonal changes in demand
  • For debt consolidation
  • To make renovations to business premises
  • To buy new equipment
  • To replace old equipment
  • For payroll purposes
  • To hire new employees
  • To pay for marketing and sales expenditure
  • To meet short falls in cash

About Strategic Funding

This company was founded back in the year 2006 and has their head quarters in New York. It has over time become extremely popular with business owners as one of the most reliable and trustworthy options for lending. They give flexible lending options to small businesses and have a variety of lending products that a business may choose from. They allow funding for business in a wide range of different industries and in different levels and stages of their growth. They pride themselves with being able to provide the business with personalized financing options which are tailored to meet the needs of a business and their own unique situation.

Strategic Funding aims to provide businesses with the working capital and other short term loan options which they require and do so in the most efficient manner – easily and quickly. The clients of Strategic Funding are from almost all types of industries and businesses and include real estate agencies, cafes and restaurants, bars, software companies, dentists, beauty salons and spas, insurance brokers, farms, funeral homes, sports facilities and many more. At Strategic Funding, they believe in putting the customer first. Their aim is to meet the requirements and the needs of the clients in order to provide them with the financing and the lending they need and doing so in the most transparent manner with fairness and integrity. They aim to provide small business owners the impetus to grow and so they can make their own educated decisions. They works closely with their clients in order to provide them the kind of financing they need, how they need it and when they need it.

The industries Strategic Funding caters to:

  • Automobile industry
  • Car work shops
  • Sports shops
  • Construction
  • Health Care and Medical
  • Beauty Salons and Spas
  • Telecommunication
  • IT industry
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Bakeries and cafes
  • Retail shops and many more

Strategic Funding at a glance

  • Strategic Funding has been in business for more than ten years now
  • They have provided capital worth $2 billion to customers
  • They have served around 25,000 small businesses
  • Over 50% of the customers are repeat customers
  • They have catered to businesses in almost all industries

Why small businesses chose Strategic Funding

The small business owners are comfortable working and dealing with Strategic Funding because they feel at ease with the company. There are many other reasons as well, due to which majority of their customers have become their permanent clients as well. Some of the reasons are:


At Strategic Funding, they do not treat the customers as just the clients but as partners in a business. Strategic Funding takes an interest in the small business and helps the owners to make informed business decision regarding the way to use and raise finance. The team at Strategic Funding is also made up of small business owners who know how it is like to run a small business and so they know what kind of challenges to face on a daily basis.


Strategic Funding is also quite flexible. Their pride themselves as being able to come up with customized solutions to cater to the needs and the requirements of different business owners in order to provide them with a lending product that is most suited to their needs. They have a wide range of diverse financial products with a range of payment structures which the business owner can choose from. Strategic Funding also works with all kinds of businesses from almost all kinds of industries.


Strategic Funding also understands and they listen to the needs of the business owners and their aspirations. Whether they want finance to expand their business or just meet their daily expenses, Strategic Funding is there to help and guide them with the process. Due to this reason, Strategic Funding has made the whole process of applying for a loan, the evaluation process and the disbursement of the loan as a very simple and easy process that is quick and fast.

Lending Products: Options for Business Financing

There are many types of financial products being offered by Strategic Funding which are tailored to meet the needs of small businesses. They aim to meet different requirements of a business at different levels. No other independent lender has such a wide range of financial products available like Strategic Funding. Their products are:

  1. Revenue Based Financing
  2. Small Business Loans
  3. Equipment Financing
  4. Factoring
  5. Helix Medical Financing

Revenue Based Financing

In this type of financing, the business can borrow against the money that is owed to them from the services that they have already completed and are awaiting the money. The business may also borrow against their future earnings which can be received through a fixed percentage from the bank account or from the Credit card earnings. The amount that can be financed under this type of financing can be minimum $10,000 to maximum of $1,000,000.


  • It allows access to working capital for the business quickly
  • The approval for the loan is not based on the traditional metrics but on the cash flows of the business
  • There is no need for any personal collateral
  • The qualification process is simple and easy
  • There is no need for any equity
  • The payments are based on sales as a fixed percentage

This type of financing is perfect for:

  • Agriculture Producers and Service Providers
  • Contractors
  • E-commerce industry
  • Hotels business
  • Different manufacturers
  • Medical Practices & Suppliers
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Wholesalers

Small Business Loans

This type of loan also has the same limit of borrowing that is from $10,000 to $1,000,000. This small business loan is quite the most common type of loan and is suitable and available for companies present in almost all types of industries. This type of financing is ideal to meet the short falls in cash flows and to meet the day to day working capital requirements of a business. There are a large variety of loans that are available that depends upon the business type, the state, the credit profile and some other risk factors.


  • There is no need for any type of a personal collateral
  • The qualification process is simple and easy to get the loan
  • The financing does not require any type of equity
  • The terms are structured and the payments are fixed and predictable
  • options are flexible and are based on the industry and geography

This type of financing is perfect for:

  • Auto car Shops and dealers
  • Construction Service industry
  • E-Commerce businesses and Organizations
  • Medical Practices & Suppliers
  • Professional Services Providers
  • Various Manufacturers
  • Wholesalers

Equipment Financing

Equipment financing is yet another very important product that is quite popular for as a financing product. Almost all businesses require equipment, either new or for replacement and most of the times, buying equipment is not easy. A business can take up this product from Strategic Financing to purchase their needed equipment as and when they require it and whoever they want to purchase it from.

There are various benefits of using this lending product of equipment financing, some of them are:

  • It gives the option to a business to have updated and the latest type of equipment
  • The approvals are really quick so the business does not have to waste time and can quickly get their hands on the equipment
  • It allows other lines of credit open
  • There is no need for any type of down payment
  • It allows tax savings according to Section 179

This type of financing is perfect for:

  • Construction industry
  • Contractors
  • Transportation Services
  • Towing Companies
  • Vehicle Fleets
  • Rent a Car companies


This is yet another great lending product being offered by Strategic Funding which makes use of the business’s future receivables in order to increase and to improve the current cash flows and this helps the business to pay for the expenses that are on hand. It helps a business to use their own money that they have earned but have no access to it physically.

There are various benefits of factoring such as:

  • The business can get the full amount from their invoices, except the fee
  • There is no need for any down payment
  • There is no debt to repay
  • There are no interest rate charges
  • No long term commitments
  • There is no limit on the maximum

This type of financing is perfect for:

  • Distributors
  • Manufacturers
  • Shipping and Transportation
  • Wholesalers

Helix Medical Financing

This is yet another lending product offered by Strategic Funding. This product is especially tailor made to meet the requirements of independent health care workers and professionals. This helps to provide simple, easy and quick access to funds for the professionals in the health care industry who are working independently.

There are various benefits of Helix Medical Financing such as:

  • It is expedited financing
  • The underwriting is specific to health care
  • There are quite a few options that are available especially made for the medical practice needs
  • The application process is quite easy, simple and streamlined

This type of financing is ideal for:

  • Chiropractors
  • Dentists
  • Family Practitioners
  • Occupational Therapists

How to apply for a loan

The process of applying for a loan from Strategic Funding till the time of reciveing the funds is actually quite simple, easy and quick.

  • Step 1: All you need to do is complete an online form or an application, either the online one or you can even call them on their helpline to begin the process.
  • Step 2: You will receive a phone call from one of the loan specialists from Strategic Funding who will go over the application form that you have submitted to confirm what you are actually looking for.
  • Step 3: The business would be required to submit a three year bank statement to the loan specialist at Strategic Funding.
  • Step 4: The business will receive their offer.
  • Step 5: As soon as you accept the offer, you are ready to start growing your business and will receive the funds in no time!

Help and support

Strategic Funding is always there for their customers in all ways possible. They have a dedicated team of experts who are ready to guide and help the businesses make informed decisions regarding how to manage their finances and what kind of financial product is right for them, etc.

There is also a dedicated team as customer support who are there to help and assist the customers whether they have any queries regarding the business or their loan terms, conditions etc. They are always there to assist them and will be willing to speak to them to make sure their issues are resolved. Moreover, Strategic Funding has a web presence in the form of their website and they are present on social media as well: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn as well as on Youtube.

Furthermore, Strategic Funding makes sure their customers know what they are doing and are educated about the lending process and have a large number of resources and reading material on their website in the form of blogs and videos which the customers can read up on and learn more about the lending process, so that there are no surprises. It is due to this exceptional support and help provided by Strategic Funding that most of the customers always come back for further financing.


Strategic Funding is a great platform for small business owners who have no access to any lending options. There may be times they are short of cash or need some extra funds to meet unforeseen expenses or changes in demand and supply. Strategic Funding helps them provide for such events by giving them simple and easy access to funds quickly.

The best part about Strategic Funding is that the business does not need to use any collateral, nor do they need to use up any equity. In fact, some of the lending products are structured in such a way that the business can use its own funds now, which they are expecting in the future. This way, there are no interest rate charges on the amount that the business is using.

Moreover, there are other lending products available as well which are designed specifically for particular purposes, for example if a business wants to purchase equipment, they do not need to get a lump sum amount of loan, rather they seek assistance from Strategic Funding who will provide the business with the necessary funds to purchase the equipment they need. This way they can have their line of credit as well as the equipment being financed.

Thus, Strategic Funding is a great option that all business owners should consider as it is a great option for business owners to make their businesses grow and thrive.