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RapidAdvance offers personalized services that the small businesses crave. They are able to offer them flexible services so that these businesses can utilize them for whatever purpose they need. They have financed over tens of thousands of businesses in almost every industry with over $1 billion in funds. Most of the businesses use the services of RapidAdvance to:

  • Purchase new equipment or buy a POS system in order to boost their overall performance
  • Spend on advertising or marketing in order to attract additional clients and customers and for promotional purposes
  • Maximize their cash in hand so that they are well equipped in times of unforeseen events or unexpected business expenditures
  • For renovating or relocating or for opening new business locations

RapidAdvance is geared towards providing small businesses the opportunities to do the best they can by meeting their financial needs. RapidAdvance is able to help around 38,000 businesses to date around the country and which in turn helps the overall community. Small businesses are extremely important in the running of a smooth economy and so, RapidAdvance makes sure their needs are met. They have given till now around $1 billion in financing to small businesses all over the country and continue to do so.

The best part about RapidAdvance is that they are not just great in doing what they do but are also quick and fast in providing the loans. With RapidAdvance it is possible to get a loan in as quick as 24 hours! Moreover, the approval whether to grant the loan is not based on the credit score but on the overall health of your business. So when all lenders say no, owing to your possible low credit score, RapidAdvance is always there – as long as your business is running smooth. Furthermore, RapidAdvance has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. This means it is a business you can really trust and rely on in order to help you grow your business.

RapidAdvance offer a variety of business solutions for all business types in all industries. Whether it is just a small business loan or if you are looking for a merchant cash advance scheme, it is all available with RapidAdvance which will assist you in choosing the perfect financial plan.

Small business loans

Small loans are required in almost all shapes, sizes and types of business in order to meet unexpected shortfalls in cash. In order for the business to be running smoothly, the best thing a business can do is anticipate such short comings and arrange for it before hand. Incase this is not possible due to lack of funds or lack of access to the fund; a business may contact RapidAdvance to help them with it. A business may need a loan for the following reasons:

  • To finance some equipment
  • To expand to another location
  • For hiring new employees or payroll
  • For their sales and marketing campaigns
  • In order to upgrade their technology
  • For debt consolidation
  • For purchasing additional supplies/inventory

The types of small business loans offer by RapidAdvance are:

Working capital: This is a much need requirement of almost all business in order for them to continue running smoothly they need to meet their shortfalls in cash.

Loans for equipment: RapidAdvance provides the needed cash to purchase new equipment, computers, tools, machinery or the vehicles in order to run the business.

Professional practice loans: These are the loans for the service sector such as accounting, legal or healthcare.

How can RapidAdvance benefit the small businesses?

Cash is the most important factor to run a business successfully without which a business will no doubt fail, even if it is profitable.

RapidAdvance can help a business manage their cash flows, to have enough during peak cash outflow times in order to meet all expenses.

It helps a small business grow. A small business doesn’t necessarily have to be “small” forever, maybe the owners want to expand the business and thus RapidAdvance provide them the impetus for growth through their lending facilities.

A team of highly dedicated experts are there at RapidAdvance to educate, help and guide the small business owners about their financial situations and figure out their goals before suggesting a financial solution to meet such goals.

The financial solutions are customized for each and every business which meets their own particular requirements.

How it works

The process is extremely simple and easy. Since there is an online portal, you do not need to wait to apply for a loan.

All you need to do is apply online in just minutes and you can get the approval within a few hours and have access to your required funds in almost or sometimes less than 24 hours!

The approval of whether to grant the loan or not depends upon the overall health of the business and how profitable it is, among other factors and not just on the FICO or the credit score of the owner.

The re payment can be decided with the owners as per their convenience but are scheduled daily, which means no lump sum or large debits at the end of the month. They offer the terms that are up to 18 months and the amount can be anything ranging from $5,000 to $1,000,000.

What to ask yourself before applying

So once you have decided to take on a loan from RapidAdvance, there are certain things you should make sure by asking yourself which will make the loan application process simpler for you.

  1. How will you use the money, if you have decided to fund something, what will it be?
  2. How much in total would you require in order to meet that goal? What would be the exact amount that you would be requiring?
  3. How soon will it be possible for you to pay it back?

The requirements

There are not many requirements which need to be fulfilled in order to pre qualify for the lending. Credit score is important but not as important as other factors. RapidAdvance wants to make sure that:

  • You have been in this business for at least 2 years or more
  • You have monthly revenue of $5,000 that you generate.

In order to apply, you will also need the following documents that should be handy:

  • Your government issue ID card with photo
  • Check from your business checking account
  • The last three account statements from your business bank account

Once you have all these things ready, this means you are now ready to apply! You cans simply do that online or even call RapidAdvance where they have a dedicated team to help and guide you with all your issues.

Merchant cash advance

This is yet another type of financing that is available to small business owners in order to meet the unexpected shortages of cash. RapidAdvance can help a business by providing this unique merchant advance solution where you can get up to 250% of the credit card sales volume that you generate on a monthly basis in a lump sum. This is perfect for those who are in the business of fluctuating sales or which are seasonal. There are two types of merchant cash advances that they offer:

  1. Starter Merchant Cash advance and
  2. Premium Merchant Cash advance

Providing loans to all sectors

RapidAdvance has been giving out loans since the year 2005 and have been quite successful in doing so. Most of the businesses they lend to are small businesses that are sometimes over looked by the traditional lenders. Majority of their customers come to RapidAdvance for repeat businesses as well due to their personalized service and workable financial solutions. RapidAdvance deals with all types of business across the industries dealing with mechanical work to salons to bakeries.

Auto Business

RapidAdvance understands the needs and the requirements of the automobile workshop and their cash flow requirements and thus, it is able to help them as and when they need it, whether it is just for the day to day expenses or to buy some equipment or invest in some latest technology. Most of the businesses in this industry include:

  • Tire business
  • Retailer of auto accessories
  • Repair and transmission shop
  • Oil change and car wash, etc

Most of these businesses have used the services of RapidAdvance for procuring working capital, buying inventory as well as to finance their business activities such as:

  • To purchase inventory in bulk and supplies
  • For repairing or purchasing equipment
  • For hiring new employees
  • Making renovations

Bar business / Restaurants

RapidAdvance is quite popular in servicing the restaurant industry as well. The restaurant or cafe owners require working capital from time to time in order to meet their cash flow needs and also require immediate funds sometimes which they may be unable to get under traditional lending systems. Most of the businesses under this sector include:

  • Casual dining
  • Bakeries
  • Fast Food outlets
  • Fine dining restaurants
  • Coffee shops and bars

RapidAdvance has lent to this sector successfully and have been doing so for years to their loyal customers. They usually require cash flow in order to meet their working capital requirements and to:

  • Buy inventory
  • For marketing expenses
  • For renovation purposes
  • To improve the layout of the place
  • Hire new employees, etc

Dental and Medical Practices

Cash shortages are quite the norm with medical practitioners and dentists due to the insurance claims which usually take some time. To fill in the shortage of cash for the doctors running their own practices or clinics, RapidAdvance is there to help. They can get you the loans or the working capital you require easily and quickly. In this particular industry they are catering to the likes of:

  • Dental practice
  • Medical practice
  • Optical health
  • Pharmacy and drugstores
  • Nursing homes and elder care facilities
  • Rehabilitation clinics
  • Home therapies
  • Suppliers of medical equipment

RapidAdvance is able to provide the above mentioned medical practices the required loan facilities so that there is never a shortage for them, which might be the norm if they were to approach a bank or another financial institution. These types of businesses usually require the loans for expanding their business or for making improvements, training their staff or for other purposes such as:

  • To purchase new equipment
  • To pay legal or insurance fees
  • For payroll
  • For maintenance or renovations
  • For marketing or advertising

Grocery stores

Whether you are a big grocery store or a small little shop in the neighborhood, RapidAdvance has gotten you covered in case you need some cash. Most grocery stores like other businesses require some hard cash during the running of their business when it falls short. RapidAdvance offers such businesses reliable, quick and easy financial solutions which are unavailable to them elsewhere. The types of stores that fall into this category are:

  • Traditional grocery stores
  • Convenience stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Fish or meat markets

RapidAdvance is able to provide such business with quick cash fast without requiring too much of paper work or hassle. Most of such businesses require cash to:

  • Meet their working capital requirements
  • For their sales or marketing expenses
  • For buying supplies
  • For payroll
  • Renovations for their shop

Spa and beauty Salons

RapidAdvance is catering to the beauty salon and spas as well by proving them the much needed financing they require! Just like any other business, they too are sometimes short of funds to meet their daily cash flow requirements and many a times these business are overlooked as well by the banks and other financial institutes that lend. Thus, RapidAdvance comes in and helps these businesses and others in this industry such as:

  • Barbershops
  • Nail spas and salons
  • Health Spas
  • Beauty salon and spa

RapidAdvance is able to serve to this industry and takes it seriously just as other businesses and is able to provide them with the needed cash quick and fast without too much hassle. Such business in this industry requires cash flow for mainly for:

  • Payroll
  • Buying equipment
  • Fixing the look and feel of their salon
  • Buying supplies
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Purchasing new equipment

Franchise funding

Another great feature of RapidAdvance is that they are keen to meet the day to day cash flow requirements of franchises as well. So, if you own a franchise whether it is small regional one or a nationwide franchise, RapidAdvance is there to help to run your business and to expand it proving financial solutions. Most of the franchises have similar cash flow requirements as other small businesses in the line of restaurants or cafes.

Financing Liquor Stores

Liquor store owners have also benefited from RapidAdvance financial solutions to meet their financial requirements. These businesses also require similar types of financing like other businesses and RapidAdvance understands their needs and are thus able to provide them the same with easy terms and conditions. They might require cash flows for

  • Meeting their daily cash shortfalls
  • Sales and marketing expenses
  • Payroll purposes
  • Renovations and maintenance
  • Buying supplies

Financing Limo, Taxis and Trucking Business

RapidAdvance is also involved in the lucrative transportation business. They obviously require finance like other businesses and RapidAdvance is there to help them when they fall short of cash flows and also to meet unforeseen circumstances like fluctuating fuel costs, etc. The type of businesses served under this industry includes:

  • Bus business
  • Chartered school buses
  • Limousine services
  • Taxi services
  • Towing and trucking

RapidAdvance will gauge the success of the business and not just the credit score of the owner in order to provide the business with the required cash flows. Moreover, RapidAdvance will guide them as well for their financial requirements. Just like other businesses they also require cash flows to meet requirements such as:

  • For payroll
  • Fuel costs
  • Buy vehicles
  • Repairs of the vehicles
  • Maintenance
  • Sales and advertising

Why choose I choose RapidAdvance?

The majority of the businesses that RapidAdvance deals with have had great experiences with RapidAdvance. Not only do they continue using their services for years but also is keen on renewing their contracts 75% of the times.

  • RapidAdvance helps the small businesses to grow by giving them the required loans and the cash easily and quickly.
  • They offer personalized services to the business as they very well understand the needs and the requirements and offer their expert financial advice to the small business owners as well, in order to help and guide them to make the right decisions with regards to their capital
  • RapidAdvance has a proven track record and is definitely a leader in the alternative industry of financing and have worked with companies of almost all types, shapes and sizes and have helped them grow.
  • RapidAdvance offers multiple solutions for the business to choose from.
  • They offer customized methods of repayment methods and terms in order to meet the cash flow needs of the business making it easier for the owners to pay back.
  • It offers to finance and provide cash flows to a business that traditional lenders do not.


Overall, RapidAdvance is a great initiative to cater to the needs and requirements of the small businesses which are often sidelined by the traditional lenders and financial institutions. The business loans are useful, workable and really help the businesses in all industry to now have access to such loans. Moreover, they are quick, fast and easy. Thus, now small businesses no longer need to stay small and with the services offered by RapidAdvance, they can grow and expand and never have to worry about cash flow problems again!