Pawnee Leasing Corporation



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Pawnee Leasing Corporation

About Pawnee Leasing Corporation

Pawnee Leasing Corporation is an equipment leasing company that deals with small ticket transactions and they specialize in providing equipment leasing facilities to businesses that is between the amounts of $1,000 to $200,000 and is available for all types of credit for business equipment financing. The company was formed back in 1982 and has been in operation since then, which means they have plenty of experience in their field.

Pawnee Leasing Corporation originates all their leasing facilities and options through an independent network that exists for the brokers of lease. Pawnee Leasing Corporation operates in the United States of American and in 48 states. Moreover, Pawnee Leasing Corporation is a member of various industry and trade associations specializing in leasing such as NAELB that is National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers, NEFA that is National Equipment Finance Association and also member and part of the ELFA that stands for Equipment Leasing and Finance Association.

Pawnee Leasing Corporation has stood the test of time and has become over the years a leader in their niche industry that they started from more than thirty years back. They have become one of the leaders and specialized in small ticket lease financing and products for startup companies and especially for those who have difficulty acquiring credit from traditional lenders.

Their range of credit offerings generally range from $1,000 to around $200,000 quite easily. They are proud to have long standing relationships with their brokers as well as with the equipment vendors and their clients. They act as middle men for both the parties and help to close the deal by being the “bridge” between them. Recently Pawnee Leasing Corporation was purchased by another large corporation from Canada and they now enjoy larger capital base and more resources at their disposal and so are better able to perform and give the most satisfactory results to their clients.

The customers at Pawnee Leasing Corporation

Pawnee Leasing Corporation deals with all kinds of customers, whether they are equipment dealers or equipment manufacturers or independent leasing brokers or even with small business owners who have unique needs of credit.

Pawnee Leasing Corporation takes pride in being a market leader in the leasing industry and being able to provide equipment vendors and leasing companies as well as the small business owners the right business opportunities to conduct business. With years of experience they have realized the needs and the requirements of such businesses and have developed the required means to cater to their demands.

Pawnee Leasing Corporation deals with:

  1. Equipment Leasing Brokers
  2. Equipment Manufacturers or Dealers
  3. Small Business Owners

Equipment Leasing Brokers

Pawnee Leasing Corporation takes pride as being called as one of the prime source that is for startup companies and for the less traditional credit applications. They are able to cater to those who do not have a great credit history or those who are unable to get the required credit facilities from traditional financing sources. They also provide financing to the startup companies which may be quite risky as well. They are able to provide a full service lease and brokerage facilities by assisting the equipment brokers by providing credit facilities to all of their customers who may have problems purchasing the equipment up front or getting a loan for it.

This helps even the equipment leasing brokers to be able to stay ahead of their competition and serve even those with low credit ranking or risky businesses. Pawnee Leasing Corporation provides easy and simple ways of acquiring leasing facilities and their process is quite easy to understand and user friendly while their funding process is also quick so that the lease broker can enter into customer relationships that are long lasting and capture a great share of their market.

Equipment Manufacturers and dealers

Pawnee Leasing Corporation deals with equipment dealers and the equipment manufacturers as well in order to educate them with the benefits of leasing. Most of the equipment manufacturer or the dealers are hesitant about lending facilities and are just open to simple sale contracts. According to Pawnee Leasing Corporation however, these are all resulting in missed sales opportunities for them and Pawnee Leasing Corporation an actually help such equipment dealers and vendors to increase their sales revenues as they adapt to the concept of leasing and have their sales force educate themselves about its benefits.

Small Businesses

It is not easy for a small business to get hold of financing for their business or for equipment or machinery purchase. More so, if it is a new business or a start up with unique credit needs. Pawnee Leasing Corporation understands the dilemma that such as small business may face on a regular basis and has thus developed possibilities for them to contact Pawnee Leasing Corporation so that they can provide the small business owners the relevant financing for their equipment purchase.

The small business owners can either purchase from the known equipment vendors with Pawnee Leasing Corporation or if they have already chosen the equipment they want to purchase from an independent source, Pawnee Leasing Corporation will accept that as well, anything for the customers and to make things easier for them! The small business owners can simply contact Pawnee Leasing Corporation and inform them about their equipment vendor they have chosen and Pawnee Leasing Corporation will have one of the brokers from their independent network of brokers to contact the small business owners so that they can help acquire the business equipment that is chosen. Pawnee Leasing Corporation finances almost all types of business equipment that ranges from $1,000 to around $200,000 with having a term of about 5 years. Equipment financing is a great way of saving funds to use them elsewhere in the business and it is a great opportunity that is available especially for the small business in order to make the most of it.

Why choose leasing

Leasing has become quite a popular choice for many businesses over the years due to its benefits as opposed to the traditional method of buying equipment with lump sum cash or using traditional financing.

Leasing equipment can be beneficial as opposed to financing it as it helps to free up the credit line for the business and they can use the funds for unexpected events. The business can simply make payments as they use the equipment and they do not have to buy it at the end of the lease if they do not want to. The business might consider getting another lease for a better version or an upgrade on the latest equipment instead. For the equipment leasing companies or the equipment dealer it offers a unique opportunity to increase their sales and have an alternative to their regular clientele.

That is why it is no surprise that most of the companies in the USA are switching over to leasing as their choice and around 80% of all business chooses to lease their business equipment as opposed to buying them.

Credit programs at Pawnee Leasing Corporation

Pawnee Leasing Corporation has a large variety of credit programs which are small ticket that is easily available to equipment leasing brokers. They have a pricing that is based on the risk factors and they have developed unique programs around those risk factors. They have a special program for the startup companies as well as for A, B and C Credits. They have been around since 1982 and are proud of the fact that they are the only ones who are serving the brokers exclusively. Their wide range of programs includes:

A Credit

  • Only an application is to be submitted
  • The business should have at least five years of being in operation
  • The transactions can be between $5,000 to $200,000

B Credit

  • This requires an application only
  • The business should be in operation for at least 5 years or more to be eligible
  • If a business in operation for 5 years they are eligible for $50,000
  • If the business is in operation for more than 5 years then they are eligible for $75,000

C Credit

  • Only application is required
  • There is no requirement for the busienss to have been in operation since before
  • Transactions are for $1,000 to $35,000

Startup Companies

  • Only an application is required
  • Those companies who have been in business for two years or even less
  • The transactions can be between $1,000 to $50,000
  • The food and the beverages industry can be eligible for even $15,000
  • The tanning industry can be considered for amounts till $25,000

Lease Proposal

The equipment vendors use a lease proposal and they can sell the transaction to Pawnee Leasing Brokers up front does have a higher chances of closing a deal with them. In the start up or the B credit companies it is quite important to let the lessee know what may be the terms if their lease proposal is approved.

Sometimes the lessee or the business has a pre conceived idea of the terms and the payments which are different since the vendor might have quoted them different rates. If this pre conceived notion is not cleared then it is probably difficult to close the deal. The lessee and the lessor should both be on the same page as well as Pawnee Leasing Brokers, who help to provide the financing for them and act as their middle men.

App Track System

Pawnee Leasing Corporation has an option of APP TRACK, which a new application submission portal and where there can be lease and loan documentation generation done as well as for credit decisions. This, AppTrack is a great new portal where the customers of Pawnee Leasing Corporation and themselves can stay in touch and in communication with each other where all the customers business activities will be saved and stored for future uses and all communication is also stored and sent through this portal.

This allows the access to customers twenty four hours a day and seven days a week where customers both existing and the new ones can send application for submission, they can also view the activity on their respective transactions as well as find out the status of their application or their communication with Pawnee Leasing Corporation. It requires a user name and a password to access it for first time users. It is a great tool for their customers that are simple and easy and a great way to stay in constant touch and communication with them. It is also a great way of sending their queries or their question forward to the company and also maintaining a history of their transactions.

Benefits of using App Track

  • It is a great portal to help the customers and it provides various benefits and makes things easier for them
  • It provides the business and its staff with their own unique user id as well as a password
  • It has the option of Auto population for all the loans and the lease documents that is generated fairly easily and quickly if there is a need
  • There is option for branding for generic documents
  • There is an option for generating documents automatically for same day funding or electronic signatures
  • All of the applications and the loans and the lease documentation can be retrieved for easy reproduction or reference
  • There can be customized reporting options that can be for the application
  • There can be reporting on the performance of the clients
  • There can also be details on the reporting of the clients leverage as well as on their end of the lease options

Training and support

Pawnee Leasing Corporation does not just have great programs like the App track, but are also quite well versed and have high technological features that can help the customers as well as the equipment vendors or the brokers. Pawnee Leasing Corporation has a wide variety of training material as well on their website that can help both the parties and inform about the prospects of leasing and the opportunities that there are. There are training materials in the form of audio as well as video files which can be easily used. According to Pawnee Leasing Corporation there is no end to training and even the most experts can benefit from training resources.

Moreover, Pawnee Leasing Corporation has a team of expert financial advisors who help, guide and assist the customers, the brokers as well as the equipment vendors if there is a need. They are available for assistance and no matter what the query is they will guide them so that they can make informed decisions regarding the lease.

The Advantages of using Pawnee Leasing Corporation for Equipment Manufacturers or Dealers

  • They are able to close more sales
  • They can have access to a wide customer base
  • They can have recurring sales
  • They can improve their profit margins when selling on installments
  • They can have long standing relationship with their customers over time
  • Providing lease facilities can become their competitive edge against their competition


The Advantages of using Pawnee Leasing Corporation for Equipment Leasing Brokers

  • They can have more sales
  • They can tap into a completely new clientele
  • They are able to have long standing relationship with their customers
  • Since Pawnee Leasing Corporation operates all over the nation, they can have access to a large customer base
  • They can improve their profit margins

The Advantages of using Pawnee Leasing Corporation for Small Business Owners

  • They can free up their working capital by using a lease
  • They can have tax benefits
  • They can have access to financing that might not be available to them elsewhere
  • They can have access to updated equipment
  • They can use their funds at hand to expand or increase their business

Customer Reviews

Majority of the users who have worked with Pawnee Leasing Corporation had a great experience dealing with them. Since majority of their clients are the brokers, they are able to increase the sales and provide them with a great customer base. Small businesses were also quite satisfied with them and most of them are repeat customers who are comfortable working with Pawnee Leasing Corporation.


Pawnee Leasing Corporation has come a long way and have been successful in providing leasing to many businesses and a lot of business to leasing brokers as well as leasing opportunities to equipment manufacturers and dealers. They are able to open doors for these companies and are able to be the bridge between their transactions which otherwise could not have materialized.

They have aided their demand and supply process efficiently and customers and their clients on both side have been extremely satisfied and that is why it is no surprise that Pawnee Leasing Corporation have been in the market for so long and have been so successful. They have grown tremendously over the years and have been a great support and aid to the equipment manufacturer and dealers, the equipment leasing brokers as well as the small businesses.