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Top 10 Reasons Businesses Fail Within 5 Years

People start their own business thinking they’ll have more control over their life. Free reign to work at your own terms, exploring new ideas without anyone else’s approval and managing your personal finances are some of the reasons why people want to start their own business. The words “be your

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What is Revenue-based Financing?

There are many different types of financing options available nowadays, but small business owners are more likely to go for simple loans that require limited documentation and need for collateral, due to their limited time in business. Revenue-based financing is one option for such businesses. Revenue-based financing is also known

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Why do some businesses don’t get approval for a loan?

Several businesses, especially small ones, require business loans to meet the requirements of their daily operations until their business gains a positive cash flow and becomes stable enough to finance itself. Other than this, there are several other reasons businesses may need to apply for business loans. However, getting business

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