Business Working Capital Loan

Working Capital

The #1 reason businesses go out of business is due to lack of working capital.

Short-term working capital loan is ideal for businesses foreseeing business activities that will generate revenue within the loan’s term. This bridge loan is designed for short-term capital infusion to help increase business cash flow. Typical uses for business working capital loan include: gradual business inventory increase, purchase business equipment, cash flow management. If your sales volume fluctuates, a business working capital influx can help generate new business during the ups and downs of each business cycle. Don’t pass up unexpected business opportunities just because you are short on working capital. Business working capital is at your reach with Liberty Capital.


Expand Your Business with a Business Working Capital Loan 

  • No Business Loan Application Fees
  • Loan is not a Merchant Cash Advance 
  • No Switching Processor
  • Business Loan terms 6 – 18 Months
  • Wire/ACH Funding in 5 Business Days
  • Renewable for Additional Working Capital
  • Loan Payments can be Fixed or Variable
  • SAFE & Secure Online Loan Application


Could You Use $500K Today To…?

  • Pay Overdue Business Bills
  • Pay Off High Interest Business Credit Cards
  • Buy More Business Inventory & Supplies 
  • Increase Short-Term Business Capital
  • Launch New Business Website
  • Launch Business Marketing Campaigns
  • Buy Business Productivity Software, Hardware and Equipment
  • Leverage Business Daily Cash Flow
  • Expand Business and Capital Resources
  • Pay Business Tax Liens


Small Business Loan Benefits

  • No Additional collateral Business Loan
  • Business Loan is Tax deductible
  • Approval in 1 Business Day
  • Easy Business Working Capital Loan repayment terms
  • Easy qualification for Business Working Capital Loan
  • Improve small business credit with a Working Capital Loan
  • Your Own Dedicated Business Loan Underwriter


 Easily qualify for up to $500K with a simple one-page business application.

Use the working capital however you want. Is your business eligible for a Working Capital Loan


This is Not a Business Cash Advance.


Get funded in 7 business days!

Call 888-789-4365 or click below to apply!

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Need 'Quick' $25K?

Un-collateralized working capital business loan from $5k to $25k with just one-month bank statements to get approved. No Site Inspection, no switching processors payment taken ACH & cash wired in days.

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