Why apply for a Line of Credit?

Small Business Working Capital Line of Credit


Give your business the credit it deserves with Working Capital Line of Credit. This Line of Credit product is unique in the industry and allows approved merchants the ability to lock in credit now for a need that may arise in the future! Five drafted checks are provided after funding and can be drawn on anytime over a 90-day period.

What would you do with extra working capital?

Your business will receive:
• A leather bound draft book within 2 business days after funding
• The ability to take up to 5 separate drafts over a 90 day period
• No application, maintenance, access or other fees
• Faxable drafts for ease of submission
• Peace of mind knowing they control the funding process


Other features:
• No collateral required
• Business Loans up to $1,000,000 per location
• Minimal documentation, streamlined process with quick funding
• Approvals based on total sales not just credit card sales
• Interest is tax deductible
• Freedom to pay-off at any time


The #1 reason businesses shot down is lack of working capital.

Designed for short-term capital infusion to help increase cash flow. Typical uses for business working capital loan include: gradual inventory increase, office equipment, temporary working capital. If your sales volume fluctuates, a working capital influx can help generate new business during unexpected opportunities. Don’t pass up opportunities because you are short on operating capital.


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Need 'Quick' $25K?

Un-collateralized working capital business loan from $5k to $25k with just one-month bank statements to get approved. No Site Inspection, no switching processors payment taken ACH & cash wired in days.

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