What is Bank-Only Loans?

Bank Only Loans

What is a “Bank-Only Business Loan”?

A bank loan is a bank loan, right? Not necessarily. When talking about a small business loans through a bank, generally speaking, you are talking about a loan based on your personal credit. Unfortunately, in these economically challenged times, not many business people have the stellar credit required by a bank to fund a loan through them. This loan product is an alternative to bank loans.


A new innovative approach to small business loans, which helps small business owners whose credit is less than perfect, access capital exclusively based on total revenue. Until recently, the majority of working capital cash advances were made to businesses that accepted credit cards as part of their income. Liberty Capital Group, though, also funds loans for businesses that do accept credit cards, but our “Bank Only Loan” program solely rely on the business bank deposits as oppose to credit card sales as the main criteria.

  • Maximum Loan Amount $1,000,000
  • Terms up to 15 months
  • No additional asset as collateral required


Most businesses, regardless of their credit situation, qualify for small business loans through our bank-only program. Ideal for companies foreseeing temporary business activities that will generate revenue within the loan’s term. They are designed for a short-term capital infusion to help increase cash flow.


Liberty Capital Group not only offers the “Bank Only Loans”, but has a wide variety of business capital products that will suit your business needs. For more information contact our Underwriters today!

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